Thursday, 25 April 2013

Recently #13

Hello everyone! Sorry for being absent for a while, I've been a little down well more than a little, I guess life just isn't going to great at the moment but ah well. This past week has been a pretty packed one too, filled with uni and my sisters birthday and seeing John. I've been pretty busy revising alot for my exams in May so I've barely been online unless its my phone or tablet. I was also pretty busy last week making my sisters birthday cake, she turned 11 on Friday and wanted a batman cake. She has brilliant taste, we went for dinner saturday night and then Sunday I was super busy too. Monday I finally had a drive of my car in like 3 months since its finally been fixed and no longer has grey smoke coming out of it or sounds like a poorly tractor. Now its a regular tractor noise haha. Tuesday I went to Barter books, a post on that soon. I also think I might have Laryngitis or something cause my throat is so painful at the moment and it can't be my tonsils since I have none haha. Anyway on we go

This week, I've been; 
Listening to a lot of music from when I was about 15 so bands such as Jimmy eat world and Fall out boy and Aiden. My god I loved Aiden so much, I had a wall top to floor with posters, I met their lead singer Wil twice and cried on both occasions like a fool. I still have serious love for the band although the last album they had was pretty bad but all bands go that way after a while.
Reading after finishing The Help I started to read Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay but I then went on a trip to Barter Books (post coming soon) and now I've started Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov.
Watching A bit of Everything really, me and John started re-watching Misfits the other night. I forgot how good a show it was. We've also caught up with our recordings of Keeping Britain Alive: Inside the NHS. If you haven't seen it, its on BBC2 and its really interesting, you don't realise how much the NHS does for you until you watch it!
Lusting after Summer clothes please, and some money to buy them? haha I do rather fancy this bag and pair of shoes I've seen on the Zara site but I'm going to wait a while until theres a sale or something unless someone has a code? haha
Wishing for Summmmer and Sun lots of sun please. Also I'm wishing that I pass all my exams, I'm super worried about them, I've been doing tons of revision but not much seems to be going in. So fingers crossed I pass.
Getting excited about Breaking up for Summer, I've got Download Festival with my friends and almost a Week in London with John and then a possible camping trip. Can it be the holidays yet? I want to sleep and lounge around eating pancakes and nothing more please? I'm super excited about London though because last time we went we had a fantastic time and its much better than the North East pluuuus its like a holiday.

This weeks song is Always Be by Jimmy Eat World, I'm so excited to see these guys at Download. I chose this song because the lyrics 'It's gonna get harder still before it gets easy. You can't keep safe what wants to break.' Really seem to make me feel better about what's happening at the moment no matter what it'll get better and if somethings going to go wrong theres nothing you can really do to stop it. Apart from that I just really love the song and it makes me feel 14/15 again watching Kerrang before school when it played good music. Those were the days!

Do you like Jimmy Eat World? Have you read Dexter or Lolita?
Kloe x


  1. I know what you mean about life not being great, hope things perk up :/

    1. Aww I hope things get better for you as well :( x

  2. My mum and sister have both told me to read The Help the other day then since they mentioned it I've seen it talked about a lot so I might have to have a read. Sending big hugs your way! Hope things get a bit better! x

    1. Its soo good you really need to read it! I cried at the end but then I'm not sure if that was just my hormones haha but its really good!
      And thank you I'm sure they'll start to get better once summer comes x