Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Skiing Avoriaz &Pleney, Photos from France #6

So I am finally getting around to finishing my posts about France tonight. I would have done it before now but I've been super busy. So this is all about my skiing and the final one is about my favourite place in Morzine and a Place I'd definitely recommend a visit to. 
So this was my first time skiing, I wasn't sure about it before we went because I was terrified of breaking my leg or falling off a mountain. I admit it was a scary thing to do but that kind of made it fun at the same time. I didn't get any professional lessons, John's Mum taught Me and I picked it up after an hour of falling down and not being able to stop. 

My favourite thing about skiing was the amazing views I got to see, the views were just fantastic. It was really warm on the mountains too, which I found odd since there was loads of snow around us. And although ski clothes are really unattractive they are perfect for keeping you dry which is what they're meant to do really haha. 

Everyone kept asking me 'why are you so scared of skiing?' to which my reply was there are signs everywhere warning you that you may fall off a flipping mountain!

We skied up at Avoriaz for two days then Pleney for two, these photos are all Avoriaz until I tell you different haha. 
After I gained some skiing confidence by the Second day me and John went off to ski on our own and ended up going for some wonderful crepes at some little cafe on the Tetraz route. Oh they were much better than those ones you get at the christmas markets or anywhere that sells them in England. I opted for Lemon and Sugar, a classic whilst John went for Chocolate. The Crepes would have even been lush without any flavouring or filling! What made it better was the fresh air, the shining sun and the mountains all around us. Just beautiful. 
I really enjoyed skiing at Avoriaz, the weather was warm and the sun was bright. The snow wasn't too heavy on the ground nor was it starting to freeze. What did ruin skiing for me though was being wiped out by some idiot who tried to cut across me without going further infront he pretty much just put his skis over mine and he nearly went down too, we have no idea how he didn't. I ended up rolling down the hill until I stopped myself, thankfully not too far, I was really shook up, crying, bruised and so annoyed. My second day of skiing and I hadn't fallen down and then this guy wipes me out at the 3rd marker almost at the bottom of the bloody mountain. I had snow down my top everything and I bruised my coccyx and my shoulder along with hurting my jaw, not the best really. After that I wasn't sure about skiing, I actually thought I was going to break something or die, thankfully I did, my ankle was just fat for a few days and I found it hard to walk haha. 

The third and my final day of skiing was done at Pleney, I didn't enjoy this, after being wiped out I lost all my confidence. Plus it was extremely heavy snowing but these guys ski all day in any weather so it was ski or sit alone on a mountain, I chose ski and was proper miserable because it was more scary since it was extremely heavy snowfall. 

The weather was like this for almost all of the Monday and imagine it, your first skiing holiday in this! Note to first time skiers don't go with experienced skiers alone take someone else whos new to it or else you'll feel alone since you're not as good as them and more cautious. Also you will find it hard to keep up and will feel silly for falling all the time and such. Its best to go with some inexperienced friends too. 
Overall skiing was an experience I'll never forget, two weeks since I got back and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Sure I enjoyed it but at the same time I was terrified and wasn't used to it. 
I hope my account of skiing hasn't put you off because its worth it just to see the views, its truly beautiful. I enjoyed it, if I hadn't come into contact with that dick I may have even skied another two days.
Have you been skiing before, or do you fancy trying it?
Kloe x


  1. wow! looks like an amazing trip :D xx

    1. Thanks it really was, it was a whole new experience! xx

  2. So this is all about my skiing and the final one is about my favourite place in Morzine and a Place I'd definitely recommend a visit to.

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