Friday, 19 April 2013

BEAUTY: | Soap & Glory Dr Spot, Review

A light, clear spot fighting gel with clog-clearing salicylic and lactic acids. Improves spots without drying out the skin. Fights stubborn spots immediately after application. 

I bought this back in February after reading a lot about it online, I got it on 3 for 2 at boots for £8 you can find it here. I love this product personally, I don't have lots of spots or have them constantly just the occasionally break out due to stress and such. This is perfect for clearing these kind of spots up, you don't need a lot of the product either. It tingles when it goes on but I love that in a spot product because it always makes me think it must be working! Haha. I use it as soon as I see a spot coming up I whack some of this on and within two days its no longer red and has pretty much gone. It dries clear and can be worn under makeup because it doesn't leave a film or a cakeyness around it like some products do. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who has the occasional break out because its done wonders for my skin.
One problem I have with it is the packaging the tube gets squashed easily meaning when you take the lid off loads of the product just spills out! Apart from this though its a fantastic product.

Have you used this product before, what's your verdict? Have you got any favourite spot products?
Kloe x


  1. I recently bought! I think I have the same problem with it as you, there always seems to be a fountain of it that comes out when I take the lid off! x

    1. I agree its like ah shit every time you open it! I love it though cause it gets rid of spots perfectly haha x