Sunday, 19 May 2013

A-Z of Me! C....

C is for Cake

Oh how I could live off cake, its just the best thing in the world isn't it? Shame its so fattening! My favourite thing about family events and going out for meals is the fact we almost always have cake afterwards. It's just so yummy. I don't just love eating cake but also baking it, I remember the first cake I attempted alone was a Devil's food cake and it turned out way better than anyone thought it would, its now become my speciality well apart from my chocolate fudge cake. I love baking, I find it a great way to relieve tension and feed your feelings at the same time. There's not really much else I can say about cake so I'll just leave you with some pictures I've taken of cakes I've made or special cakes I loved.

This cupcake here is from my favourite bakery in Newcastle, the cakes so moist and filled with a Salted Caramel centre and my mouths just watering thinking about it. If you're near the grainger market (Newcastle) be sure to visit Pet Lamb Patisserie. 
 I made loads of this cute santa cupcakes at Christmas for gifts. I just love how cute they are! 
 Who doesn't like homemade chocolate fudge cake? look at all that homemade fudge, this is my favourite cake to make honestly.
This is my first attempt at making Lemon Meringue Cupcakes, I made the Lemon curd myself too, I don't want to brag but these were delicious.
 This was my 18th birthday cake and it was perfect, I pretty much spend most weekends in a shorts and tights ensemble with a book. The cake was sponge and the little cupcake was banna, I still have the me made out of icing too.
 I made this cake for my sisters 6th birthday party last July.
 It seems pink cake is my speciality, I made this one for Shona's birthday last year.
Finally this is the cake I'm most proud of, I made this in April for my sisters 11th birthday, she loved it.

Are you a fan of cake? Do you enjoy baking? Are you taking part in the A-Z of me?

K. x
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  1. The batman one is wicked! :)

    1. Thank you! It took me a whole day to make! x