Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Insta Catch Up, April.

1. Easter Cupcakes, 2. Trip to Manchester, 3. Bertie Botts Every Flavour Bean, 4.&5. At Salford Lad's Club, 6. Imperial War Museum Manchester, 7. GIRAFFE SKIRT!<3, 8. New Kindle, Download Tickets &Printstgram, 9.New shooes<3
I have finally finished my uni work, for now. So I'm taking a break before I get back to revision to write some posts! How is everyone? I'm starting to cheer up since the nice weather has come along and its only a couple of weeks until uni is over for the summer! Can you believe it? I can't! I'm super excited for that, seriously I can't wait for a break!
So what did April hold for me? Well there was easter where I pretty much left all my chocolate and made cakes with it and ate about a million easter cakes. We took a trip to Manchester where I got the wonderful Giraffe skirt, we went to the Imperial war museum and Salford Lads Club where Morrissey and The Smiths have posed for photos and album covers! Eeek! I got my replacement kindle and my Download tickets came too! JUST A MONTH NOW! OMG and I got some wonderful new shoes. 
1.-3. Dinner Date with John for our 2 years together, at Pizza Express, 4. Dinner with Abz n Mel purely for this bad boy, 5. Had a haircut &I don't like it, 6. Batman cake, baked and decorated all by me for my sisters 11th birthday, 7. Took a trip to Barter Books, 8. Got myself some decent make up for a treat, love it! 9. Books from Barter Books/Current reads.
We booked a trip to London for July<3 and didn't really do too much over the holidays relaxed more than anything. John and I had a dinner date on the 13th at Pizza Express for our 2 years together, I was lovely. I had a lunch date with Abbey and Mel purely so I could get a sundae, best sundae I've ever had tbh, took good to be true. I got a haircut too, I'm not too happy about the haircut, its a little shorter than I wanted but hopefully it'll grow back soon. I made my sister a birthday cake, I'm so pleased with how it turned out and she loved it. I took a trip to Barter Books with John and got 4 new books, 2 more books and I'll own 250! I also got my first Benefit Foundation so far, I love it!

April has been an up and down month really, lots more downs than ups but living with my mother that's expected really. I got a 2:1 in my first Assignment at Uni for Microbiology and Cell Biology, seriously chuffed. I thought I'd get a 3rd at most since I was so stressed and didn't do it until the week before it was due. But yey me. John's also got an assessment coming up for being a Paramedic which is fab fab fab fingers crossed it goes well hey? So towards the end of April things were looking up, lets hope the rest of the year is good.
I wonder what May could bring? Apart from Stress, no sleep, more stress, Exams and tears! Oh how I cry when I'm stressed haha.

How was your April? Did you do anything interesting?
Kloe x


  1. that's an amazing batman cake can't believe you made it! it looks super professional :) You have such a lovely blog too! :)
    Alice xx

    1. Aww thank you! It took a day to make and a lot of patience but it made my sister very happy so I don't mind. and thank you about my blog too xx