Sunday, 12 May 2013

Northside Diner, Fenwicks Newcastle

Northside diner is a lovely little family friendly 1950's American Style Diner found on the Third floor in Fenwicks Newcastle. They have food for everyone too, not just burgers and meat dishes, but those for vegetarians too. Me and John have been going here for almost 2 years now, we're creatures of habit and don't really try many new options when we go for food haha. One of the main reasons we go here is because I love the mac and cheese its just so good, crunchy on top and gooey underneath its heavenly.
So we went on Friday for Lunch, John got the New Yorker and I got Mac and Cheese. John's burger was cooked to perfection, crispy bacon, gooey cheese and the fries were crisp and so nice. The meals are so big and filling that usually neither of us get dessert but this week I felt like I deserved one so we went for Waffles with Raspberry Sauce to share, John usually hates raspberry sauce and waffles but he demolished half of this one! It was delicious, one of the best desserts I have in a while too.
The atmosphere is amazing, a 50s jukebox plays classics, classic american dishes and amazing service. The service here is great, they seat you then within 20 minutes you have your meal.
This place is perfect for a date, cosy booths, great food, great service and atmosphere and most of all great prices it cost us £22 all together for two huges meals, a massive dessert and two drinks.
Its also perfect for families, its on the toy shop floor of Fenwicks, children get activity books and the foods good and well priced.

I basically love this place and would drag anyone in there, if anyone wants to meet up and go just let me know I love the place!
Have you been to Northside Diner before? Do you know of any other NorthEast Diners I should visit?
Kloe x


  1. wow! I live in the north east and never ever heard of or seen this place before but I definitely want to try it out! thanks for showing this to me :D xx

    1. No problem, where abouts in the north are you? It's not something you'd just see since its on the toy floor so you can just walk straight past it haha xx

  2. stateside diner, which is up one of the alleys near the train station and its lush! xx

    1. Oh yeah on pink lane? We've been meaning to go there for years but still haven't gotten around to it. We've also heard some bad things about the service like but I'm sure we'll try it eventually haha xx