Sunday, 19 May 2013

Recently #16

Hello lovelies  first of all I'd like to apologise in advance I very much doubt I'll have much time to blog between now and the 28th because I'm going to be super busy with revision and exams. I think I failed Friday's I couldn't even see half of it on the board and missed an entire question rubbing my eye 'cause it was watering! So that's always a plus isn't it? I only have 3 exams left but one needs loads of revision to be done. On a plus though if I fail I have a re-sit period in August and it is only my first year so it doesn't count towards anything but still I don't want to have to re-sit. I have a few posts scheduled but when I'm back from exams it'll be worth it because I have quite a few things planned for when they're over. First of all we have a seaside trip with uni, then the final fling which is a huge end of year party, then theres Download and then I go to London! So I'll have loads of interesting posts for you guys. Anyway this week has been dull filled with revision and crying over revision, does anyone else do that? I just get so stressed its unreal. I'm covered in spots at the moment its awful.

This week, I've been; 
Listening to Rammstein has been a popular choice on my music playlist this week, 4 weeks today and I'll be seeing them again I'm so excited its unreal. If you're not familiar with Rammstein their a German Metal band who have fantastic Pyros at their shows. Seriously their shows are amazing. 
Reading I haven't read a single thing this week, I've been far too busy to read unless its been on Anatomy or Biochemistry.
Watching I've had little time to watch the tv too, I did have a little break on Friday night and watched about 6 episodes of Desperate Housewives, oops. 
Lusting after Summer clothes, I can't find any cute dresses anywhere at the moment its no fun.
Wishing for Several things; first of all getting skinny, please let me lose a stone and I'll be happy. I'm try so hard at eating healthy, I'm calorie counting and I'm doing loads of walking but its just not working. Secondly please let me pass my exams, I'm doing loads of revision but its just not helping but please please please can I pass my 1st year. Lastly can I please have some money and win the lottery or something so I can have a nice holiday with my family.
Getting excited about London and Download Festival. I don't know which is going to be better, I've found so many things we need to see and do for our week in London its going to be great. Download announced stage times on Friday though and that's just omg just got me so excited although a few bands clash but I don't mind missing some smaller ones.

This weeks music video is brought to you by Rammstein, I was unsure which song to pick since some can be offensive so I went with Ich tu dir weh which means I hurt you in German. I feel odd when I translate their lyrics because its like oh that's what they're saying and its doesn't feel the same anymore haha.
So enjoy some German Metal, seriously though the songs great and when they play it live its amazing.

Do you have exams this week? Are you going on any holidays over the summer?
Kloe x


  1. Best of luck with the rest of your exams!!
    Can't wait to read some of these future posts you have in mind, they sound awesome XD xx

    1. Thank you! Hopefully they'll go to plan!
      I hope my future posts are as awesome as I hope they'll be xx

  2. Good luck with your exams and revision, i'm sure you did great on Friday. And heck yes to Rammstein! So jealous about Download, i used to go every year but stopped after all my friends started uni 4 years ago. This year looks AMAZING!

    And you shouldn't be 'wishing' being skinny! You are stunning and so naturally beautiful

    1. Thank you, hopefully I'll have passed. Yes! Rammstein are amazing! This is my second Download and I'm just so excited about it, it's unreal!
      And awww thank you! xx