Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Download Festivals 2013, Part 1. 12th-13th July

Hello everyone! I am back and I am finally blogging about Download. It is so depressing being home! I want to be back in a field where all I can smell is; beer, food and sweat. I want to go back so bad, oh how I wish I could re-live those 5 days. They were the best 5 days of my life! 
I've decided to split the post into 3 sections, I didn't take as many photos as I had hoped but the Friday was Brutal and Saturday I didn't watch many bands and lets face it we all just looked like shit all weekend!
Wednesday I awoke early of course after like 3 hours sleep far too excited for my own good, Lewis came for me then we headed for Brandon and had a Mcdonalds breakfast. Tummy's filled with excitement and butterflies we made our way down to the one and only Donington Park where we met up with our old bestie Samantha who we haven't seen since Christmas! It's fab to have her back! The queuing then begun, if you've been to a festival you know what I mean, a few hours and miles later were in and putting the tent up. Samantha's boyfriend Josh and his friend Jamie arrived, we were so worried they'd be really awful like her ex but they were lovely as anything and probably made the weekend much better than expected! 
Wednesday was spent catching up and sleeping the walk off, Thursday was spent exploring the village which is a fantastic thing to have. It rained on and off but we still had a good time, we popped into the Shisha tent for a while and that was great fun. We had a thunderstorm Thursday for a couple of hours too but it was all fine, we had a pack of cards and had a laugh in the tent. It was fantastic I honestly I expected Josh and Jamie to be awful and that it would be really awkward but I think we all got on well and had a fantastic weekend!
Part 2 and 3 to come!

Have you been to a festival before? What's your opinion on torrential rain at festivals? 

K. x

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