Saturday, 22 June 2013

Download Festivals 2013, Part 3. 16th July

Sunday was just jdfbashjfaskjfkjangf that is the only way to describe it apart from FUCKING AMAZING! I just want to re-live it! Sunday started off in a rush trying to pack the tent up and find my dad. Once we found him it was a pretty chill morning/early afternoon. My younger sister came along with him, she's 11 and has been to two festivals now! The main bands we wanted were Stone Sour and Rammstein of course. Stone Sour put on such a good show, I might be bias though because I just love Corey Taylor, he is just such a beautiful man! I was so happy that they played Scars and Say you'll haunt me. One high light was when got his shirt off, he got an extra round of applause for that! Not even bothered that he's oldish. We then stayed to watch Gaslight Anthem who were really good, I hadn't heard any of their stuff until Sunday and I can honestly say I found them a pleasant surprise. I'm definitely going to get some of their albums! Once they were over we headed off to grab some food and watch A Day To Remember, we went for Mexican and it was one of the best things I ate all weekend no kidding the Nachos were lush! Anyway A Day to Remember were pretty good but I prefer them as an indoor band I'd say since I wasn't  as impressed as I was when I saw them at the O2 academy a few years ago.
We rushed back to Main stage straight after to get a good spot for Rammstein, this was the one band where I didn't actually have to jump constantly to see but jumped for the fun of it! They were insane! Even if you don't like Metal or German Metal you can't deny that Rammstein put on a good show. Words cannot describe it, at one point Till pretends to take the keyboardist from behind and proceeds to squirt the crowd with foam from his 'penis' its rather funny. At this point I realised my little sister was watching it! Haha. Jamie lifted me up a couple of times too so I had a better view that was pretty cool! Rammstein were just the best band of the weekend by far! There was no way the crowd could stay still. The show was great, lots of fire and sexual themes. When they sang Pussy Till 'rode' a giant penis across stage squirting the crowd with even more foam! A great show definitely worth the wait! After that the show was over and it was time to say goodbye, that was sad, I made two new friends that I'll hopefully see again soon and met back up with old ones.
All in all Download was definitely worth the £200 and the long walk from the campsite to the arena. I can't wait to go back again next year, hell I want to do another festival right now! I just loved it so much, I had the best time ever.

Did you go to Download? Have my posts made you consider a festival?

K. x


  1. So I still don't think I'm a festival kind of girl but this sounds like a lot of fun!I used to love ADTR but I've never seen them live, super jealous xx

    1. Haha you should try one Elizabeth they are so good once you get over not having electric or flushing water haha. ADTR are just amazing<3 xx

  2. Ahhhh you make me more and more jealous! So wish i was there, looks like you had so much fun! I don't know why they've made it such a long walk these days, i remember how close everything was in 05/06, since then its just silly!

    1. Haha the walk was just oh god, not too bad on a morning but when you were walking back you just wanted to collapse! Haha. You'll have to go next year and we can meet up! xx