Sunday, 2 June 2013

Recently #17 & 18

Hello! I'm in a rather cheery mood today, how fabulous has the weather been recently?! Well apart from Thursday. I've finally finished my exams and Friday was my last day of my first year of University, I'm ever so happy. I've been unsure about uni since January as to whether I like it or not and if its the right choice for me. I have yet to decide. On a plus though I am done and Friday was pretty fantastic. I feel bad because all my friends are like aww I'm going to miss you over the summer and all I can think of is I don't have to get out of bed not even bothered about anything else all I want is sleep hahaha. I'm so happy to have 4 months off you guys have no idea. Last week was filled with revision which is why I missed a recently and this week I had my last exam and a trip to the seaside and Final Fling there is a post to come about this. I feel like my last two exams went well, I rather enjoyed Biochemisty it made me wonder why I didn't choose a course with more Chemistry in it? and Cell Biology was rather fun! I don't know, I'm currently considering teaching haha. I love science its just I love it so much I feel bad on Chemistry for ditching it for Biology but I sorta hate Physics so its ok haha. Also John got round to stage 2 of his interview 
Anyway I'm just going to get on to my recently stuff or I'll be blabbing about nonsense for ages.

This week, I've been; 
Listening to Rammstein, Bullet for my Valentine, Slipknot and more. I've started to listen to some of the smaller bands I want to see at Download like Escape the fate, I used to love these guys when I was 14 but the new stuff is just no good. 
Reading I recently started reading Heart-shaped Box by Joe Hill and I just can't put it down although its creepy so I want to haha. I've not got much left though so expect a review by the end of the week. 
Watching I've been watching desperate housewives again! Haha I also watched Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem and I was seriously unimpressed. 
Lusting after Some new Docs I found the most beautiful pair the other day, £150 though! Far too much, I got my 16 hole pair 6 years ago and they were £80! £150 is just too much :(
Wishing for It to be July 12th already! I just want to be at Download already.
Getting excited about Download of course and my first Blogger Event! I'm so excited about both!

This weeks song/video is Situations by Escape the Fate, this was the song that originally got me into them. I hope they play this at Download.

Are you finished your exams? Are you going to any festivals this summer? Are you attending the NE blogger networks social? 
K. x


  1. I know your feelings about the Dr Martens, I really want a short pair, but the 14 hole ones I got 5/6 years ago were £90 and short ones now are more than that, it makes me sad, I really want a new pair :'( xxx

    1. It's ridiculous isn't it the price of them now :( I really want a new pair so bad :'( xxx