Saturday, 29 June 2013

Recently... #21 & #22

First of all I'd like to apologise for being absent for a week but I've or it might be a little longer! I've been so busy trying to sort my personal life out it is mad. I still haven't got it sorted, I feel as if I am whacking my head against a brick wall, I know what I want and I know its what needs to be done and I wish I did it weeks ago when I was going to but I chickened out. I thought everything would work out but it's just gotten worse but hopefully this weekend it will all be worked out and I'll be happy and be able to get more tattoos, get my nose pierced and be myself again. I've put my life on hold for 2 years, I've barely been to gigs and rarely listened to my own music and even stopped dressing how I like, it's now time to be myself again, I am sick of trying to act like someone I am not for someone who doesn't appreciate the real me. Anyway aside from this I've been catching up with my friends, oh how happy I am that Samantha and me have been reunited, she's been away far too long and her new boyfriend is just lovely, I'm pleased he likes me. I've also been busy buying house stuff and planning trips for over the summer! I'm no longer going to London which is rather disappointing but I am going to Leeds Festival if we ever get round to getting the tickets! Haha. I've also got a trip to Lincoln planned and I'm sure I'll have a few other cheeky little trips about. So this past week I also went to my first two blogging events! First was the NE Blogger Social, a post is due to come about that and then the next was the Topshop Event where I took no photos what-so-ever sorry guys!
Anyway I'll get on with it ey?

This week, I've been; 
Listening to Fall Out Boy loads again, in prep for Leeds and Enter Shikari, since seeing them at Download I just can't get enough of them! I liked them before but since seeing them I love them more. 
Reading I started reading the Two Towers the other night, I haven't got far I'm far too distracted at the moment to read properly. 
Watching Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model, does this show make anyone else feel bad for not being super tall/skinny/having short hair? I'm also getting prepared to watch Star Wars I gave it like 5 minutes the other day but me and Sam are actually going to watch the first one on Monday. Hopefully we'll enjoy and will then we can pretend we know what the guys are talking about hahaha. 
Lusting after This Parker from Topshop, I fell in love with it at the Topshop event on Wednesday and I feel like I need it in my life!
Wishing for My problem just to be sorted already, can I just have it over with?! I am sick of waiting/trying to sort it out! Haha.
Getting excited about My trip to Lincoln, its going to be an amazing 5 days, I hope Sam doesn't mind being stuck with me!

This weeks song choice is Thnks fr th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy. This song takes me right back to when I was 14 and at the moment it feels pretty relevant haha. I remember watching the video when it came out and being unsure if I fancied Patrick Stump or not! Haha, I have to say he's much more attractive now where as Pete has gone right down hill. Sorry. But yeah I love this song. 

How's your week been? Got any exciting plans for the summer? 
K. x


  1. Hope you get things sorted Sweetness! Remember to let me know. Again i shall say how beautiful you look in that picture! And oh wow that you've been going to Blog events! Bet you had so much fun!

    1. Thank you, you are quickly becoming my favourite person you're too sweet haha! I'll let you know hopefully it'll be done tonight! :) xx