Monday, 3 June 2013

Sun, Sea, Sand, Good friends and Goodbyes.

I wore - Shirt Topshop, Shorts Tesco , Bag Cath Kidston, Shoes Primark

Oh how wonderful Friday turned out to be! After months of stress my first year of University is over! I'm currently feeling a little lost because I have no idea what to do with my time! Anyway on Friday my course and the other Forensic courses were invited on a trip to a local beach Saltburn which is a lovely little place. Friday was also the day of Final Fling which is this huge end of year party hosted by the students union. It was like something out of grease! Fairground rides, inflatable play areas, Penguin rodeo, free ice pops, ice creams, alcohol and lots of sun. It was the perfect end to the year, I've met some amazing people who I'm sure will be friends for life.
The day started off extremely warm and we piled onto the coach to Saltburn to find it was due to rain about 3 o'clock which would be when we arrived back for Final Fling we were disappointed but made the most of the sun. We had a treasure hunt of sorts, and built sand castles and played in the arcades, we're meant to be adults and future scientists but we acted like children so it was fab. We headed back to the bus ready for rain to find it was now due to be sunny! Yey! We got to the university and said goodbye to Shona since she couldn't join us at Final Fling which was a shame, the whole place was filled with noise and that smell you get at fairs the food being cooked, alcohol and just general outdoors smell. We went home and doused ourselves in moisturiser since we'd got burnt at the beach, I am now going a lovely shade of brown! We had such fun its a shame I didn't make the night event but really I'd been up since 7 and was knackered by 9 anyway so I'd have been no fun haha. We went on the dodgems, and had goes on the penguin which is like a bucking bronco but you can't hold on! We went on this inflatable thing called the Jungle run which was amazing! You had to run through like a  mini assault course I beat Abbey and Chris so it was great. There was also a Jagermeister truck which was selling shots! Yippeee.
All in all it was an amazing day words can't describe it, I'm pleased I have the friends I do.
I'm really going to miss; Shona, Abbey, Mel, Meg and Chris all of which are photoed above, and I'd also like to thank them for being there for me all year and sticking by me and cheering me up when I was down you guys are awesome and some of the bestest friends I've had. After Download I'll start definitely miss you but right now I'm happy sleeping and soaking up some sun.
What an amazing end to an unforgettable year.

Have you finished uni recently? What did you do to celebrate?
K. x


  1. this looks like so much fun! >.<

    goffbot xx

    1. It was such a good day! I didn't expect it to be half as good as it was like
      Kloe cx

  2. I finished my second year of uni at the end of May and have enjoying the freedom of NO REVISION ever since! Off on Holiday on wednesday so spent most my time getting excited over that!

    Have a lovely summer

    1. I know the feeling! I'm so pleased to put revision behind me! Although I now feel as if I'm doing nothing and should be doing work! Haha
      And ooh where you going?
      I'm off to a festival on Wednesday so I've been super excited for that haha
      Kloe xx