Sunday, 16 June 2013

The cheats super quick and easy way to make Mini Banoffee Pies Recipe

On last week we wanted dessert but couldn't be bothered to make anything that took time so we decided to make Banoffee Pies.  This is so easy and quick and pretty much a cheat's way to make them but if you want dessert and can't be arsed to make something proper this is for you! 

You only need 5 ingredients too;
2/3 Bananas sliced
Ready bought mini pastry cases
Carnations cook with Caramel in the tin
Double Cream
A few spoonfuls of Sugar
The ingredients don't have specific measurements but we used a 250ml carton of double cream and had 8 pastry cases and a 400g tin of Caramel. 

First of all separate your pastry cases and slice your Bananas if you haven't already.
Place a few pieces of Banana in each case.
Open your tin of Caramel and spoon it over the top, you might be tempted to just eat half the caramel, go for it, its amazing stuff.
Make some whipped cream to top it off - do this by mixing double cream and a couple of tablespoons of sugar together.
Spoon the cream on the top and pop in the fridge to set for an hour or so. 
Take them out, present them to your friends and pretend you made them all from scratch ;) 

Honestly though, they are super yummy and are perfect if you need a quick dessert.

Have I inspired you to cheat when it comes to Banoffee pies? Or do you think it's bad to do such things?
K. x

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