Saturday, 8 June 2013

You have a pet Ferret? What do they even do?

Hello everyone! I couldn't help but share these photos with you! I'm sure those of you who follow me on twitter/instagram know that I have a pet Ferret, and her name is Freckle. Whenever I tell people about her they ask 'What do they even do?' Well let me tell you Ferrets do all sorts. You can walk them, put clothes on them, they look cute 99% of the time and they do this really cute sort of running/skipping thing. They also look super adorable when they curl up.
Anyway with all this nice weather Freckles had a chance to run around in her run where she has a billion toys her favourites are a well with a hole in where she hides and huge piece of pipe she uses as a tunnel. So as a treat Freckle usually gets a bit of leftover human food, her favourites are Macaroni & Cheese and Waffles with Golden Syrup! We usually feed her Rice pudding though or cat biscuits she loves those.
She's also partial to a cup of tea so we thought it would be super cute to give her some in a Tea cup and capture it on camera. So I hope you found it as cute as we did. We also gave her a little paddling pool but she wasn't as impressed by it haha.
Anyway this post was purely made just to show you how cute Ferrets are, I mean she's drinking tea from a tea cup!

Do you have any 'different' pets? Do you like Ferrets? Do you have any posts that feature your pets?

K. x


  1. That's so cute :)

    If you haven't already check out the M.A.C giveaway on my blog. It's linked on each post on my blog :)

  2. Freckles is adorable! I love that she can 'have a cup of tea with Kloe!'

    I have a golden doodle puppy and a cheeky hamster and wrote a post about them last week:

    Great blog xx

    1. I know! I love her so much! And I never even thought of that haha! That's great!
      I will most definitely be checking your post out about your pets! And thank you!
      Kloe xx

  3. such a cute post! I've always wanted a chameleon as 'different' pet :D xx

    1. Oh wow! That would be so cool, they're so cute! xx

  4. Replies
    1. I know you just can't help but say Aww can you? xx