Monday, 29 July 2013

Musical Monday #1

So say hello to my new weekly feature! Musical Mondays! Every Monday I'm going to share with you an album I love along with why and the tracks I love. I thought it would be a nice little feature to have going so my blog isn't neglected when I'm feeling a little uninspired or have nothing to write about. Plus it gives you guys a chance to maybe listen to some new bands and a chance for me to discover new bands or re-discover bands I used to love but haven't listen to in an age!
So for the first week I've got with one of my favourite bands of all time Motley Crue. I love this band, I have no idea why I love them so much, I just do. I remember discovering them and being like wow these guys are amazing and the more I listened the more I fell in love with the band. I've read all the guys autobiographies/biographies and have several books on them, I have all of their albums too. I can't even remember the reason I started listening to them, I just remember getting into them when I was 14/15, maybe it was because I listened to Alice Cooper a lot and falling in love with them, I've dressed as Nikki Sixx for several fancy dress parties. The band are one of them bands that I just love to tell people about haha, there are so many stories to tell about them, and The Dirt which is the groups Autobiography is brilliant. Anyway before I write about 6 pages of nonsense I'll tell you about this album haha. 

Motley Crue
Dr. Feelgood 
Year Released
When I first heard it
Obviously I heard it back in '89 you know before I was even a fetus haha. Nah I remember hearing it after being shown the Girls Girls Girls album and being told this was their best. I remember falling in love the music and the way Vince Neil sings. Most tracks on this album are much sexier too so it's pretty good haha. 
Memories I associate with the album
I remember getting the Remastered 2 disc special edition for Christmas in 2009 and listening to it constantly for days. I also remember listening to it for an entire day before going to a fancy dress party with an ex boyfriend as Kat Von D and Nikki Sixx! Haha, it really takes me right back to being 15. I also remember when I saw 'Crue in 2010 at Sonisphere festival and crying when they sang Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away). 
Top Three tracks from the album
Kickstart My Heart - This is one of my favourites for an obvious reason, I love the meaning behind it of course its also got some good music behind it too. But it was written by Nikki about his overdose where he was actually dead before he got two shots of adrenaline, so it's a meaningful song haha. Plus when the song finishes you just feel happy, it's a good track. 
Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) - This is just such a nice song, it's just a nice sort of love song really.
Slice Of Your Pie - Everyone loves a cheeky/sexy song and Motley Crue have plenty of them but this is one of the catchiest in my opinion, I seem to hum it quite a lot! 
Favourite lyrics from my top Three tracks-
 When I'm enraged or hittin' the stage, adrenaline rushing through my veins & I'd say we're still kickin' ass. Ooo, ahh, kickstart my heart, hope it never stops & to think we did all of this to rock. - Kickstart My Heart.
That's alright, that's okay. We were two kids in love, trying to find our way. - Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away.)
Hey pretty pretty from across the room, got something sticky sweet for you. Order me up another slice of you. - Slice Of Your Pie. 

Kickstart My Heart.
Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away.)
Slice Of Your Pie. 

Are you a fan of Motley Crue? Have I inspired you to check out some new music? Let me know what you think of them and this new feature. :) 
K. x
All music, lyrics, videos and album artwork belong to Motley Crue and are not mine. 

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