Monday, 8 July 2013

Recently #23

Guys I know I've been lagging on the blog front recently but life has just been full on hectic! Can't even describe how busy I have been! I have this week pretty much free apart from Friday and Saturday but that's a story for a different time maybe. I can't believe how badly I've been neglecting this recently but trust me I've had a tight schedule! So last week I was pretty down and felt like I was never going to sort everything that was bugging me out, well guess what! This week has just been so good. Sunday night/Early hours of Monday morning John and Me broke up, it was mutual, it just hadn't been going well for a while and you know what it gets you down and you want out but you don't want to hurt someone and like the security of having someone there and stuff. So we decided to call quits and since I've felt really good about myself, well I've felt good about life myself maybe not so good, you know the usual girly shit about weight haha. Anyway Monday I headed down to Sam's with Brandon for a night filled with Star Wars! I hate to admit this like I always do with these things but I really enjoyed it! We had a good chat too and watched the highlights from Download. We then went to see Samantha's ex boyfriends band and to the pub on Tuesday night, which was a laugh because we couldn't find it and turned up late! Wednesday was then spent with Sam and Brandon again, watching more Star Wars! Thursday I spent a whole day with Abbey which was great, I've really missed her whilst we've been away from uni, we got the bus down to M'Boro and headed straight for Skins and Needles so I could get my nose pierced. If you follow me on twitter or instagram you'll know how long I've wanted it done and I finally did it! I love it haha, we then went for Pizza and had a little shopping trip and a perving trip. It was so nice to have a catch up and cocktails though, Abbey never judges me haha. Friday I met up with Beca in Newcastle where we had a day of shopping and chatting and waffle eating! When I went to my first blog event I never in a million years thought anyone would actually want to be my friend but I've been surprised, you girls are all ever so lovely! Yesterday I was sick with the flu and today I've been dying at my little sisters 7th birthday party, she was super hyper about it and loved her Barbie presents haha. I'm now in bed coated in Vicks and sipping tea hoping this horrible flu/cold will disappear before Friday! Fingers crossed for me please.

This week, I've been; 
Listening to A bit of everything really, just whatever I fancy, I have been listening to Stone Sour a lot though but not really a shock there haha. I've also been listening to Bullet for my Valentine some more too, I've figured that Tears Don't Fall is my break up song, every time I break up or get dumped its usually playing, how weird is that?! 
Reading I've been reading Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger, you know the sequel to The Devil Wears Prada, so far its predictable but its a light read. 
Watching Star Wars haha, I've actually gotten really into it, I've only got the last one left to watch!
Lusting after The new Drop Dead range of course, I'll probably end up buying something on Friday if we visit the store. I really want thisthesethis and these haha. So not much then.
Wishing for My nose to hurry up and heal so I can get a ring in it! Haha I'm also wishing for this illness to leave me and for a better body. So pretty practical things right now!
Getting excited about Friday! Friday will hopefully be an amazing day, I'm sure it will be. I'm not saying anything just yet but watch this space/my twitter! I'm also excited for next week in Lincoln! Busy times ey?

This weeks song has to be a Stone Sour one but I can't choose just one so I'm going to give you two! One of my all time favourites Say You'll Haunt Me which nearly made me cry at Download I love it so much! and the other is one of my favourites from House of Gold and Bones Part 1 its The Travelers pt 2 I love a bit of Piano in a song and the fact it's Corey Taylor playing it makes it all that much better. I love the song itself too. I find that Stone Sour are one of them bands that just brings one amazing album out after the other, you think this one has got to be shit but Corey is just an amazing writer. Everything about this band I love. Anyway before I start obsessing here are the songs!

Have you got many plans for the next week? What do you think about my nose stud? Do you like Stone Sour?
K. x


  1. I had a great day, we need to do it again soon! :P Have fun this weekend :) xx

    1. We do! It was a pretty good day! I'm sure I'll have fun this weekend ;) xx