Friday, 19 July 2013

Recently #24 & #25

Hey hey! I know I'm getting really bad at this but trust me I have been super super busy, I was busy doing family things last week and chilling with Friends then I went to London on Friday you can read all about my trip in my previous post if you like. Then this week I've been super busy preparing for this weekend! I'm currently chilling at Samantha's house stealing some internet haha. At the moment I'm so happy it's unreal, I feel amazing just like myself again, these past few weeks have been great I've never felt so relaxed and at home with myself for a long time. Last week was a pretty good week I spent most of it chilling with my family and sun bathing, I have quite a decent tan going on haha. Then I met up with Lewis and Brandon one day for a Pizza Hut and Mighty Boosh marathon, then this week me and Abbey had a nice little day. We went to view our house for next year, I am so excited to move in! It's going to be amazing, and the guy who works at the Estate Agents isn't bad either haha, so we went to view our houses and ended up coming back with free Nerf Guns! If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen how much fun we had with them! We also bought a paddling pool from the pound shop which turned out to be tiny, you'd have fit a baby in it and nothing else. It was pretty funny, then Thursday I headed down to Lincoln to see Samantha we've been best friends for years and no matter what we always seem to stay great friends even when we have shitty boyfriends and don't see each other for like 9 months we pick right back up where we left off, it's pretty good. We had a wander up Steep Hill and had lunch at Patisserie Valerie which was lush! We then had a general wander and went to visit Sam's friends and headed back to watch Star Wars haha. I can't wait for tomorrow we're having a BBQ and we have a paddling pool for it, so it should be pretty awesome. Anyway I'll get on with it, but yeah Lincoln is pretty cool and I have the bestest friend ever. :)

This week, I've been; 
Listening to A lot Alkaline Trio and Funeral For A Friend, you know getting prepared for Leeds, which is next month, I'm pretty excited haha. I've also been giving Nirvana quite a bit of a listen this week since my uncle decided to learn how to play guitar just so he could learn Come As You Are. Haha. 
Reading I am ashamed to say that I haven't read much these past two weeks which is bad but I've just been too busy haha, I did read some more of The Two Towers though haha.
Watching I started watching Mad Men at the start of the week and I am hooked! I just want to be Christina Hendricks! She is beautiful! 
Lusting after I'm not actually lusting after anything at the moment which is odd! Haha.
Wishing for This weekend to be amazing and for it to not go tits up would be super nice haha. Also I'd like to win the lottery please haha.
Getting excited about Well now that Lincoln is here the only thing to be excited for is Leeds! Haha

How has your week been? Are you up to anything interesting this weekend?
K. x


  1. Shaddap you'll be getting excited about coming to my house next week! ;) THEN LEEDS!

    Glad you're enjoying Lincoln. I miss the place so bloody much!

    Amy x

    1. Aw yeah! I can't wait! Lincoln was pretty great,I have a post coming soon :) xx

  2. Hi Kloe, really nice to come across your blog... great read!

    Jayne x