Friday, 19 July 2013

We're going on an adventure... To London!

Sorry for the photos, they aren't the best but I was having so much fun I almost forgot to take photos! Also some photo credit goes to Jamie, who I hate 'cause some of his photos are much better than mine! 

So last Friday I headed down to Peterborough bright and early to meet a friend, two hours later we're in London with no idea which direction we're meant to be going in. I had three tickets to the London Zoo Lates but due to a couple of things I didn't think I was going to be unable to attend since I had no one to go with or anywhere to stay, this was soon sorted and I had quite possibly one of the best days ever. We arrived in London with the plan of shopping on Oxford street, heading to Drop Dead and then maybe Kensington and then off to Camden and the Zoo. We should have looked at a few maps before we got there because it was like an adventure, we were making it up as we went along pretending we knew where we were going haha. Eventually we found ourselves on Oxford Street and after an hour or so we found Drop Dead which is just off Regents street. I've wanted to visit a Drop Dead shop for ages and now I finally have so it's all good, I even treat myself to a cheeky purchase, we then ended up popping into some little pub to have a cool down and a cheeky bevvy. We then decided to find a tube station, we are no good with directions or map reading I tell you eventually we ended up on a tube to Camden. We grabbed some food and then did some exploring. I love Camden it's the first time I've been but I just want to live there haha, we were wandering around the Market and I was sure I could smell waffles and guess what right there I found a waffle stall! My nose is unreal. Or maybe I love waffles too much? After exploring some Market stalls, eating a waffle and chilling by the canal we headed to Regents Park Zoo, the main reason for this trip. Until the 2nd of August London Zoo are having a late night event known as Zoo Lates, and if you haven't been I'd say go. We had Party Animal tickets and headed straight for fast track entrance where we received our drink and gift shop tokens. We didn't watch any of the shows but we saw the majority of the animals and sipped complimentary Pimms, its the only thing you can drink this time of year really! We saw the Komodo Dragon feeding which was pretty cool and then we pretty much wandered between animals, I wish we'd sampled the food festival and stuff but we were super excited by the animals especially the Giraffes and Meerkats haha. If you're interested in visiting London Zoo Lates check it out here and book soon!We left around half 8 both of us shattered, I'd been up since half 5 for goodness sake haha and headed in what I thought was the right direction to catch a bus, it was not so we had to ask some police men who informed us that Baker Street was 10 minutes down the road then if we turned left Euston was 10 minutes away. I felt like the worst person ever and felt like my legs were going to drop off but we just caught the 10 o'clock train back to Peterborough. It definitely was an adventure.
I know that I for one had an amazing day, that I probably won't forget for a while. It was a lovely day, I expected pretty much everything to go wrong but apart from getting lost on the way back to Kings Cross it was a super sweet day.

Have you been to London recently? Have you been to the Zoo Lates?
K. x


  1. wow this sounds/looks so much fun!
    I love all those cute photos of the animals too :D
    hope you had a good time! xx

    1. It was such a good day! Haha, I had an amazing time thank you :) xx

  2. Looks like you had an amazing time, i have'nt been to London for so long, i am very jealous. And you know how much i love ZOOS!
    As always Kloe you looked beautiful! How to you do it! I leave the house and i end up looking like a weathered mess aha.

    -Jade xx

    1. It was a pretty good day! I'd love to go back again before the end of the year! Haha. I know, Zoos are amazing we should go to one together!
      And aww you're so sweet, I think I only look good because I made a full on effort to look nice all day haha xx