Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bucket List Time. | Money Supermarket Competition |

So the lovely people over at Money Supermarket are hosting another one of their amazing competitions for bloggers! Aren't these guys so lovely! So I'm slightly late in getting this post up but I have been super busy and unable to complete it until today.The aim of this competition is for bloggers to post about their bucket lists, lord knows almost everyone has one. They're looking for one budget and one extravagant bucket list items using your imagination, not too hard right? The prize is an amazing £1,000 and if they can get over 50 entrants the prize is doubled! 
The competition does close tomorrow, but I'm sure there is enough time for you get an entry up. Want to know more? Take a look here.

So for my 'Budget' bucket list item I've gone for - A VIP Meet a Giraffe encounter at London Zoo.
Picture is my own.I've wanted to meet a Giraffe and feed a Giraffe for years, I love Giraffes they are just so elegant and beautiful and oh I love them so. When you look at the price of it you must be thinking why haven't I done it yet? Well yeah £25 isn't that much, but when you think about the rest of it's pretty expensive. I've first of all got to get to London and then you still have to pay for tickets into the zoo! So that's like £150 at least, I'd really love to do it before my 21st so I have just over a year to complete this item on my list. It would mean so much to me to be able to do this, I've wanted to touch a Giraffe and just be close to them for so long, I'd probably burst into tears straight away. I almost cry when I see them at the zoo, I get that excited, could you imagine me feeding one? 

For my 'Extravagant' Bucket list item I'd love to go to Newzealand and stay in a Hobbit House and visit Hobbiton
Who doesn't want to visit where their favourite films are made? Or visit places that inspired a much loved book? I'd love to visit NewZealand one day and stay over in a Hobbit house I love Lord Of The Rings and NewZealand looks so beautiful. I'd never be able to afford this sort of trip for a very long time, I'd like to imagine I'll marry someone who would agree to go there for our honeymoon haha! I'd also like to think that I'd be able to go with best friend because she loves Hobbits too plus she does Architecture so it would be a perfect trip. So why can't I do it? Oh it's only like £150 for 2 people a night in the Hobbit house and £50 for tickets to the Hobbiton tour then there's flights to NewZealand and such so it's a pretty expensive trip! I'd love to go there and explore it would just be magical and so beautiful.
Someone take me one day? Haha. 

I'd like to see what JadeBeca and Kate would come up with :)

Have you posted a Bucket List? Do you want to feed Giraffes or visit NewZealand? 
K. x


  1. Glad I saw this! Hope I got my post in on time! Good luck to you :-)

  2. I recently got up close and cuddly with some giraffes in Fuerteventura- they are amazing animals! I never knew you could actually stay in Hobbiton?! That's like a dream come true

    Great post x

    1. Oh my gosh really?! I am so so jealous! Yeah you can stay just outside in a Hobbit Hotel! I'd love to do it so much x