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BEAUTY: | How much is my face worth?

I've been meaning to write this sort of post for a while, I've seen loads of them around the Blogosphere and I thought hey, I have a lot of make up but I rarely wear it (because I am far too lazy) but I do pay quite a bit for the products I have so I thought it was time to see how much is my face actually worth. Maybe this post will make me put more effort in? Although I can't actually wear make up on my nose until it's healed which sucks but you know. Anyway I'm also posting this now because I'm sure you lovely lot will have noticed from my 'recently' posts that I am currently at Leeds Festival by this time I should be waiting for Fall Out Boy. (Can't wait!) So I thought just to make sure you don't miss me too much I'd schedule a couple of little posts. So I'll get on with it now, or I'll be rambling!

Total =£36.99
I don't feel bad at all about the total of this because these products are worth it.
-The Bach's rescue cream is a brilliant product, John gave me it when we went to France its a fantastic moisturiser even works well on eczema. Its a little greasy but it leaves skin feeling amazing.
-Soap & Glory's moisture lotion is a great product for cleansing the face once you've took your makeup off it leaves skin super smooth and it smells good.
-Soap & Glory no clogs allowed leaves skin soft and refreshed and helps prevent spots what more do you want?
-Soap & Glory Dr Spot, is my go to spot product now, its brilliant as soon as I feel one of them coming up I pop some on and it takes it right down. Read my review here.

Well it's not too bad right? I mean all the products are Benefit and they are good products so you do pay for quality yeah?
-Benefit Fake Up, I had a few worries about this because concealer always gathers and clogs under my eyes but after reading countless good reviews I thought I'd bite the bullet and get it, I love it and it's a brilliant product it leaves my skin soft and my eyes not looking dead but once it's used up I think I'll just go back to my old concealer.
-Benefit Get Even, Oh I love this powder, it's great for evening out the tone of my skin and for giving my face an overall matte look. It's brilliant for those shiny areas such as your nose, I love it.
-Benefit Hello Flawless, Oh how I love thee. I've spent years trying to find a foundation that doesn't make me either Yellow or Orange and I've found it. I'm still as pale as I like to be and it leaves my skin feeling soft. It's great for build up too, I like to have pretty sheer make up during the day but if I'm going to town I like a bit more.
Chanel Khol Intense Eye Pencil - £17.00
Total =£64.49
-Maxfactor Eye Brightening Mascara, since I started using this I've gotten so many compliments on how big and bright my eyes look. I feel like they look brighter but, I'm not sure if they are brighter because of the mascara or if it's because I expect them to? The mascara does give my lashes a nice length for day time looks though.
-Benefit It's Potent, I don't feel bad about this because I use a sample I got so I didn't really pay £24.50 for it, I would though. I love it, my under eyes feel super soft and my bags/dark circles are clearly reduced. I've found that this product is a festival life saver!
-Benefit Bad Gal, this product is amazing for nights out or when you want to go all 'emo' on your eyes. It's brilliant for a bold look but like most eyeliners it smudges ever so easily.
Chanel Eye Pencil, I love this for my bottom lids, and for when I just want a little bit of liner, my only problem is that the pencil is a little hard if that makes sense.


Mac Lipstick Limited edition Cyndi Lauper no longer avilable - £14.00
Chanel Lipstick no longer available (About £25 probably) 

Total =£45.00 (or there abouts.)
-Mac Lipstick, I love this lipstick, the colour is just a bit darker than my natural lips so it's perfect for a casual look when I don't want a bright red which is usually my staple! Haha. I love Mac Lipsticks, the shape of the tube, the finish and texture, Mac are just perfect.
-Chanel Lipstick, I got this as a Christmas present and I love it, I never used to wear light lipsticks but this is perfect for a day where I'm wearing light colours and want a girly tone. I love the finish, my only problem is it's a bit drying.
-Soap and Glory Smooch Operator, this has been my life saver this year. I bought it originally before I went to France and oh it was perfect. It keeps lips smooth and hydrated, this was perfect whilst skiing. I'd recommend it to anyone!

So in total my face is worth - £213.98
Wow, that's a lot to say I don't wear make up every day, I definitely couldn't afford it if I did! I'm pretty shocked by this, but I feel ok about it at the same time because I feel it's ok to pay high prices for something that I'm not going to use every day. If that makes sense. I also think it's acceptable because Benefit is pretty expensive but the quality is amazing so it's no wonder really!

Have you done a post like this? Do you think I spend too much on Make up?
K. x

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  1. oh i've been dying to try out that benefit eye cream. good to know it's worth it. thanks for all the makeup tips!