Monday, 12 August 2013

Musical Monday #2

So for week #2 of Musical Mondays I've gone with Bring Me The Horizon, I know these probably won't be to a lot of peoples taste but I have some pretty big love for these guys. I remember listening to their first album and liking it but being a bit unsure about them because I was still in that full on emo phase and I'm hopeless at screaming/growling so I couldn't really sing along much haha. But when this album came out oh god I loved it so much we bought tickets to see them after listening to first few tracks. I'm pretty excited 'cause I get to see Bring Me again next week at Leeds festival and this is like the 5th time I'll have seen them! So I'm pretty excited!
*I'm just going to say if you don't like offensive lyrics/lots of swearing you might like to skip this post*

Bring Me The Horizon
Suicide Season 
Year Released
2008 (As if it was that long ago!)
When I first heard it
I first heard it literally a few days after it came out, I remember there was this guy me and all my friends fancied and he was the reason we'd listened to Count Your Blessings so when he was like 'Oh the new Bring Me album is insane' we were like WE HAVE TO GET IT NOW! Thinking back he wasn't that attractive and had the silliest haircut but by trying to impress him I did find loads of new bands that I ended up loving! 
Memories I associate with the album
Oh god this album I reminds me of these friends I had, one of them she was an absolute nutter. When we saw them at Newcastle in 2008 (our first gig without my dad!) she decided we'd go in our first mosh pit, at 14 year old I was terrified but she told me it would be unreal. So off we went giving Sam our stuff we didn't want to break needless to say we died, we were bruised to fuck but she was throwing punches everywhere and it was just so funny because at one point she was just dancing about throwing punches and everyone was just looking at her like you wot? I'm actually crying with laughter at this memory! I remember that night we stood outside the O2 Academy waiting for Oli, and crying because we didn't get to meet him!
I still love this album now, it's probably one of my most played albums on iTunes. I love to play it when I'm angry it's a great way to get my anger out haha!
Top Three tracks from the album
This Sadness Will Never End (featuring Sam Carter -Architects) - I have no idea why I love this track so much, but its always been my favourite on the album. I even love the Sonny Moore remix from Suicide Season Cut Up! It's just such a good song, I just really like it I guess. I like the way Oli and Sam's voices sound together its just a really good mix <3
Sleep With One Eye Open - I really like the lyrics of this song, it's a great song for when you're angry. I have wanted to sing it to several people over the years! Haha
Football Season Is Over - I just think this is a great song to describe nights out, its always on my 'onnit' (party) playlists. It's also a great track to hear live, the chanting is pretty awesome when you're in the middle of a crowd. 
Favourite lyrics from my top Three tracks-
I'm choking on my words, like a noose around my neck. I can't believe it's come to this, I can't believe it's come to this. And dear, I fear that this ship is sinking tonight. - This Sadness Will Never End.
If I had it my way I'd slit your throat with the knife you left in my back. (See it's a good angry song) - Sleep With One Eye Open.
Party till you pass out, drink till you're dead. Dance all night till you can't feel your legs. - Football Season Is Over. 

This Sadness Will Never End
Sleep With One Eye Open

Football Season Is Over

Are you into this sort of music or have I scared you off? Haha. What do you think of my new little feature?
K. x
I do not own any of the lyrics/videos etc they belong to Bring Me The Horizon.


  1. Ahhhh, great album, I know what I'm going to be listening to again soon :D thanks for the reminder xxx

  2. I think this is a cool concept you have going :D, great blog, xoxo.