Friday, 2 August 2013

Patisserie Valerie, Lincoln. | Sugar Overdose.

After arriving in Lincoln and having a walk up steep hill and almost dying in the heat me and Sam headed to Patisserie Valerie for some lunch. By lunch I mean cake and milkshake. We opted to sit outside, I got a Vanilla Milkshake with a slice of Strawberry Gateaux and Sam got the Pecan & Walnut Tart. Sam said her tart was extremely sweet but nice, my cake was just to die for. There was like a layer of strawberry mousse and oh wow was it good! The service was good too everyone was nice and no one stared whilst we took a 83483 photos of our food. Before I left for home we went back to pick up some; Truffles, Macaroons and a slice of Double Chocolate Gateaux. The truffles were nothing special, yeah they were really nice but they tasted just like those you get from Thorntons. I did love the Macaroons though, I bought Lemon, Raspberry and Vanilla, they were just how Macaroons should be, crunchy yet melt in your mouth with a delicious filling. The Chocolate Gateaux had a layer of mousse and a flipping profiterole on the top of it! What more do you want in a cake? It was so chocolatey and indulgent my mouth is watering thinking about it!
I'm definitely taking a trip back to Lincoln so I can get more cake! If you're in the area or near a Patisserie Valerie it is definitely worth popping in, you might need a couple of visits though because there are so many cakes to chose from!

Have you been to Patisserie Valerie? Are you a big fan of cake or not?
K. x