Friday, 2 August 2013

Recently #26 & #27

The past two weeks have been pretty shitty, which is why I have been absent from the blogging world. Everything just seemed to go down hill from last Monday. I try to keep things that are too personal off my blog because I don't want everyone else to be upset by my shit, so I stayed away.I'm trying to focus on things such as I'm moving out in 6 weeks and I am fricking excited for it, plus it's Leeds festival in 3 weeks which I'm sure will be an amazing weekend.
So what have I actually been doing? Well I was in Lincoln which was a pretty awesome weekend and then I came home and since then I've spent the majority of my time making lists. Many a list of things I need or what I need to take with me for when I move out, who knew it would be so stressful? My biggest worry currently is which books do I leave behind? It's the same with Dvds. I've also spent a lot of time just lying about listening to music or reading, I finally finished Revenge Wears Prada I wasn't overly impressed by it really, I then went back to The Two Towers I am determined to finish it this time, I always get so far through and put it down and have to start again! I also spent last weekend with my uncle who is great, we ended up spending the night drinking in his garden and complaining about everything and just giving each other advice which is hilarious, he was asking me for advice on relationships and I can't even get a guy to chat me up so. Aside from that I've been pretty confused about many a thing, you know when somethings bugging you and you just want to know what's going on? Yeah that sorta thing.
On a lighter note, you'll never guess what happened this morning, my dad locked my car keys in the car. The keys are in the ignition and we can't get back in. It could only happen to my car, ah well. Haha.

This week, I've been; 
Listening to I've been listening to bands for Leeds, like I'm one of these people that doesn't buy new albums until like 2 weeks I'm due to see a band haha. I still haven't given the latest Fall Out Boy album a listen but the last Bring Me one was pretty good after giving it a full listen and the latest Biffy Clyro album's decent, I went off them when they brought Only Revolutions out but yano. So yeah I've pretty much had a huge playlist of everyone we're going to watch a Leeds on with the occasional break for some metal. Haha 
Reading Well I finished Revenge Wear Prada and I am determined to finish The Two Towers by the end of next week, I just need to stop getting distracted.
Watching Actually I haven't really watched tv this week, I watched Britain and Ireland's next top model last night but that's about it. I hate that Holly, like I really want her to go, but I love Sophie, I'd love her to win.
Lusting after Another tattoo, it seems like everyone and their mothers have got a new tattoo recently and I just want mine, my uncles thinking of going for another tomorrow, I'm starting to wonder if I can spare a bit of money for the small one I want on my wrist. I probably won't be able to though. 
Wishing for Money, but then aren't we all? Actually more than money I'd just like some people to leave me alone and to stop spreading shit and for other people just let me know what's going on. Haha. People ey?
Getting excited about LEEEEEDS FESTIVAAAL, I can't wait to be drinking when I wake up and barely eating and just being super hyper about everything in life. I'm so excited to see Bring Me The Horizon, they were the first band I saw on my own without my dad and with Samantha so it'll be fab. Plus Oli is a beautiful man. I'm also super excited to move out in 6 weeks! Yey!

This weeks track is Folding Stars - Biffy Clyro, Puzzle is my favourite album by them and I've loved this song for so long and I really hope they play it at Leeds, haha. I couldn't get the actual video for some reason though :(

Are you going to Leeds festival? Do you watch Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model?
K. x

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  1. I just got another tattoo too! Aha there so addictive, the next one I want is a wrist one too! Xx

    1. Haha I love them! I want another one so bad! xx

  2. I used to be hooked on America's Next Top Model - I can't seem to find the time these days to stay on top of it! Books! I'm reading something called Say Her Name - it's a book written by a man who lost his wife...pretty emotional, really well written, I'm finding it a bit slow but you read more than me so you might be able to cope with the prosey text a bit better! In case you wanted any recommendations! Also, buy a kindle :)

    Don't get a tattoo!! I totally disagree with them. Hypocritically I have one on my foot that I love but it was entirely symbolic of the time my sister and I spent travelling together and when we bonded. I got it in Thailand with bamboo. I wouldn't get another I don't think - I don't think it's about decorating your body. But that's just me and I have plenty of friends who are literally covered head to toe.

    Another epic comment! xx

    1. Haha, I use Sky Go to catch up! Oh I'm not sure I could deal with another emotional book! Haha, I'll have to check it out though. I've got a kindle, I absolutely love it, it's like my baby!
      Tattoo wise I already have two so I can't really go back haha, I love them, I just want to be covered!
      Also thank you for the blogger award! Xx

  3. I gave you a blogger award :)