Saturday, 17 August 2013

Recently #28 & #29

Wow these past two weeks have been busy ones! I've spent a lot of time socialising and perhaps drinking a bit more alcohol than I really should because no one likes an idiot who sings to them or cries to them at 3am when they hit that 'no one loves me stage' oh Kloe you are classy. I also got a job! Yes I finally have a job, it's a ridiculous job but I have one, I'm one of them dickheads you see in town holding the signs that say 'best gold prices here' etc but I get paid to stand and listen to music/perv on boys so why complain? I finally picked up my keys to the house as well and I'm going to start moving stuff in when I get back from Leeds, I can't wait! I had a great night out with Sam at Metal night you can read about it here. I also had a trip to the cinema with Beca to see the Worlds End oh it's so good! I just want to see it again, I love Simon Pegg <3 I also had a trip to the seaside with Sam, a post is scheduled for whilst I'm away next week :)
I've been busy but not really doing much really, just sorting stuff out for Leeds and when I move out you know the boring stuff? I've really been spending a lot of time thinking, I wrote a post at 2/3am on Tuesday morning and I keep going to post it but when I do I feel it could be a bit too personal but at the same time I really want to share it with you guys because it's a topic I find annoying and has really been bugging me for a while but it could also be a controversial topic. Who knows I might post it whilst I'm away! I've been having lots of ups and downs these past two weeks, I love my family but they are just smothering me right now! And don't get me started on some people, I'm at this stage where there's this friend and I just want to knock them out because they are annoying me / being an absolute C*$# but I feel like I need to be civil towards them. (This really annoys me) haha.
Anyway I'll get on with it

This week, I've been; 
Listening to Sempiternal by Bring Me The Horizon pretty much every day, it's an amazing album. I'd really recommend it to everyone, these guys have come so far since Count Your Blessings. I wasn't a massive fan of the last album (I liked it but not as much as the previous ones) but this one is just unreal, it's quickly become my favourite. I could rave about it to you guys for hours I'm not going to lie! It's definitely worth checking out especially Sleep Walking & And The Snakes Start To Sing. 
Reading I haven't done a lot of reading this week sadly, I did end up reading a couple of bits of Grays Anatomy yesterday but unless you're into Biology I wouldn't recommend it really haha. Although the drawings are amazing.
Watching I've only watched the soaps and BINTM this week. I've been forced into watching Emmerdale with my gran and I'm actually getting into the story line again! Haha (loser). I love BINTM and have for years, my favourite this year is Sophie I'd really like to see her win.
Lusting after A new tattoo, I went to Skins and Needles on Thursday and almost booked myself in for a tattoo but I resisted I need to wait until I get some money before I even consider booking in! I'm also in love with a blender I saw in Tesco a couple of days ago (it's mint green for goodness sake!) and I haven't seen it since. :( 
Wishing for Moneeeeeey, please? I can't wait to get paid at the end of the month! I'm also wishing for some other things but you know I don't want to share them. They probably won't come true but hey a girl can wish right?
Getting excited about WHATS THAT LEEDS FESTIVAL IS NEXT WEEK? I LEAVE ON WEDNESDAY? WHAT?! I can't wait, I'm really excited for it now.

This weeks song is of course Bring Me The Horizon - Sleep Walking. I really love this song, I love Oli's voice and the lyrics and everything about it is just so perfect. <3

Are you a fan of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model? Do you like Bring Me The Horizon? Have you been to any festivals this summer?
K. x

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  1. Lovely blog! I have been looking for a job for AGES, no luck yet though which sucks:( Would love it if you could follow me back??:)

    B xx

    1. Aww thank you, and I know I've been looking forever I'm pleased I have one! I'll take a look :) xx

  2. Kloe! I have nominated you for the Leibster Award over on my blog!

    Hope you're feeling ok Sweetness! Its not good to have to bottle stuff up, take it from me it doesn't tend to end well.
    You know you can always vent to me giiiirl!
    You look BEAUTIFUL in that picture! Shame you're not smiling!!


    1. Aww thank you lovely! Aren't you just wonderful! Aww.
      I'm feeling much better, I got rid of the negative person from my life deleted them on everything and made my twitter private so they can't stalk me there. I think I'm going to post my more personal post next week and then I think I'll feel much better :)
      Thank you lovely, I'll come to you in future and thank you! You always say such nice things! haha. It was my 'I need food but we have no food so I'm starving but have no money to buy food' face haha.

  3. i think we all wish for more money all of the time! i love BINTM too, i want Lauren to win.

    1. Yeah I don't think there's anyone who wouldn't want more money! Haha. I like Lauren but I feel like she's a little too confident! Haha. x

  4. I was one of those idiots holding a sign for shakeaway - we used to fight to go out and hold the pole, I had movies on my ipod so it was literally my favourite thing in the world!

    Have fun moving into your new house - remember to not get stressed about household issues - ever! Someone will always forget to buy toilet roll etc etc. It's not the end of the world xxxx

    1. Hahah! I do it for a Pawn Brokers I wish it was Shakeaway!
      I love your advice it's always great! Thank you! I'll try not to get stressed about it, I can't wait to move in! xxxx