Friday, 23 August 2013

Sunny Scarborough

Scarborough is one of the North's most popular and well known beaches/seaside towns. I've only met two people from the North who'd never been (both of which were a bit odd and didn't really leave Newcastle much so you know.) So anyway almost everyone I know used to go every year in the 6 weeks holidays for a weekend in caravan or tent, it was just what you did I guess. I haven't been for years so when Sam asked if I wanted to go last week I jumped at the chance! Scarborough is one of these places that never changes, it has always looked the same and probably always will. 
Up bright and early I headed to Sams to be greeted with Mickey Mouse Waffles and a mug of tea, isn't she the best?! Like do you guys understand why she's my best friend? She makes me Waffles! Haha. Anyway waffles scoffed and off we go, we visited Sams family and then headed down to the sea front. We started off at the North Bay at Peasholm park, and decided we'd have a go on the Pedalos because they were in the shape of dragons, oh what simple minds we have. We took a billion 'LOOK IM ON A BOAT' selfies and called them The Boat Times (you know like Old Greg and Howard in The Mighty Boosh? No well check it out here. Seriously if you've never seen it, you are missing out!) Anyway so we had a nice chat on the boat, it's a great way to have awkward conversations with someone because they can't escape hahaha, poor Sam! So after almost running some Geese over and crashing the boat we decided we'd head to the South Bay. 
The South Bay is where all the attractions are such as the arcades and icecream! The sun was shining so we had a lovely stroll about, we even spotted Lee Malia from Bring Me The Horizon! We also found the TARDIS!! We visited the Luna Park which is a mini fair ground, I remember it being much bigger than it is, maybe it's due to the fact last time I visited I was about 10! 
We then headed back to the stores to pick up some Scarborough rock and fudge, this is like a tradition guys, you have to do this kinda thing! We had Lemon Tops too, now a lot of people have never heard of these but in North Yorkshire/Teesside they are a big thing at the seaside. It's pretty much a mr whippy with Lemon sorbet on top, it doesn't sound too special but it's spectacular everyone loves a good Lemon top up here! If you visit you'll have to try one! We then wasting a couple of quid playing on 2p machines at such until it was time to leave. 
A perfect day really, who doesn't like a nostalgic trip to the seaside? 
Have you been to Scarborough? Have you ever tried a Lemon Top?
K. x


  1. Looks like you had a great time in Scarborough! :)

    I love lemon tops, although I tend to just have the lemon in a tub and my mouth turns yellow!

    1. I did, I love Scarborough it's such a great place!
      Lemon Tops are unreal aren't they! xx

  2. Looks like you had a laugh! I love the waffles, so cute and yummy. I haven't tried a yellow top, they should start doing them in London too, xoxo.

    1. It was a great day! The waffles are amazing! Lemon Tops should be available nation wide haha x