Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wishlist #6 The Student Loan Edition Pt 2.

So part 2 of my student loan wishlist is much more casual than part 1. I must look a bit like a crazy cat lady with this wishlist though, look at all those cats! Haha. But then who doesn't like cats?!

1. I've been wanting a shirt like this for quite a while I remember seeing one years ago and never buying it and finally I've found one like it! Yey! I will definitely be getting this. 
2. I need some new jeans so bad, I'm really digging dark acid wash for the winter. 
3. Even more Drop Dead! I need this shirt in my life, since it appeared online in the new collection I knew I'd need it! 
4. I'm a sucker for cute rings and anchors <3
5. A watch that's face looks like cat. A cat! A watch that looks like a cat. What more could I want?! Haha
6. More cats?! A cat print top, I think this is super cute to chuck on with a pair of jeans. 
7. A donut ring, I think this is perfect. I love donuts why wouldn't I want a donut ring? 
8. CAT! I think you guys get that I like cats right? 
9. This jumper made me giggle, at this moment in time this is exactly how I feel. I think it's perfect, plus if you wear it and someone thinks you're hot they know you're single, right? ;) 
10. I wouldn't wear this one if I wanted to pull though, I think it's pretty good for those days you're hungover and don't want to attend your lecture hahaha.
11. Finally the last item, I love Alice Takes A Trip everything in the store has a great pattern and looks super cute, I just want everything! Especially this top. 

So you guys probably think I'm a complete cat lady now, don't worry we all are deep down right? I hope I've also introduced you to some new brands I love Big Cartel you can find so many awesome stores on there seriously there are so many!

Are you a fan of cats and animal print clothing? Or do you think it's too much? Are you a fan of Big Cartel?
K. x

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