Sunday, 25 August 2013

Wishlist #7 The Novelty Homeware Edition.

If you've been here for a while you'll know that come September 14th I'm moving out. Yes I'm finally taking the step to leave home and go live with the wonderful girls I met this past year at uni. I am so excited about it, I have all my essentials and thought it was time to find some cool accessories for it. I was sent a link to a real Giraffe Skull which is amazing and I'd be so tempted to buy it but unfortunately it's £1,450! I am tempted by a Death Head Hawk Moth though, weird I know but this stuff has always been interesting to me. I mean my gran has many skulls laying about the house and antlers and butterflies / moths so it's only natural, if you're interested in having a look at some oddities for the house take a trip over to The Weird And Wonderful. You will not be disappointed, I want to buy half the store!
My wishlist does contain more affordable items that I feel are necessary for the house, although my geeky side is showing! Oops.

1. Right who would not want a deer head lamp? Seriously. This is just amazing, I want this so bad, I could turn my room into a 'hunting lodge' who wouldn't want that?
2. I'm a scientist so I want science stuff right? So naturally I want this chemistry set shot glasses!
3. Middle Earth Map need I say anymore? I think it would look amazing on my wall.
4. The same goes for the Game Of Thrones map.
5. I love baking equipment and this spatula is so eye catching, I love that it has a 'bite' out of it.
6. A candle that looks like a brain in a jar, who wouldn't want that? I'd love this so much, they also have a skull that 'bleeds' when its burning.
7. If anyone can find me this online or in store and get me it (I'd give you the money ofc unless you wanted to give me it as a gift haha) I'd love you forever. Jon Snow is 'my babe' I love him he's my favourite Game Of Thrones character (Daenerys and Jaime coming close though) and I'd love this vinyl figure of him for my shelves.
8. I really want the Triwizard cup but I'd be really tempted to use it as a chalice when I've had a few haha.
9. Every house needs a tooth brush holder right? A dinosaur one would be super cool, I know everyone in the house likes dinosaurs so it would be good.
10. Finally, a house full of geeks who love Lord Of The Rings, what do you get for when you're bored? Lord Of The Rings Monopoly of course. Could you imagine it? I'd love to own Helms Deep! (Favourite battle scene EVER.) So far this is at the top of my Christmas list. Plus all houses need a monopoly set right?

So I've definitely shown my geeky side with this wishlist! Haha.
Do you have a geeky side? Are you moving home soon or have you recently? If you have and you have any home themed posts feel free to leave a link, I love reading them! 
K. x


  1. My vinyl Daenerys sits on my desk and keeps me company while I'm writing essays!
    Love so many things on this list. Especially the maps and the shot glasses. The candle is also awesome but I worry it would start to look odd when it began to melt maybe.

    1. I really want a vinyl Daenerys but I can't find one anywhere!
      Thanks, everything is so cool haha, and yes I'd be worried to burn it so I'd probably just leave it to look pretty haha.

  2. i want the skull that bleeds when it burns!! ahh that would be soo cool! also, that dinosaur toothbrush holder is out of this world.