Sunday, 1 September 2013

A round up of the best Summer since 2010!

May Final Fling & Seaside Trip to end the first year of uni with the girls. Abbey, Shona &Mel. 
June, Download Festival!
July, a cheeky day trip to London.
July, a nice weekend visiting Lincoln/my best friend. 
August, Leeds Festival with Samantha. 
I never thought any summer could top the summer of 2010 for unexpectedness and excitement but this one has. The summer of 2010 was the summer I left school, I spent the entire summer hanging out with people I never expected to having an unreal time you know just having day trips, bbqs and getting wrecked like you did at 16. I also had my first festival that year, I honestly thought no summer would top it but you have summer 2013.

Oh how odd this summer has been! I started the summer completely confused and unsure of what to do with my future. There was talk of leaving uni and moving to London so John could be a paramedic and I was going to move with him so I wouldn't lose him. (Why was I willing to chuck my life away for him? If he loved me it would have worked long distance.) May was spent revising and stressing over exams and worrying about the future, I'd paid a deposit for a house but I was unsure about what to do. I was a complete mess. I was beginning to get sick of the way things were going and constantly looking for answers. I was so eager for Download Festival though, I knew it was going to be an unreal weekend. I never thought it would be the one thing that changed my entire summer.
June arrived and brought with it Download Festival, this is where my entire summer changed. I made new friends things happened who knows the reasons why but they did. I realised I wasn't happy and knew I couldn't go on pretending to be someone I wasn't just so someone would love me. I really think Download was the wake up call I needed, I couldn't just chuck everything I wanted away for one boy, who wasn't supportive of who I was. It was a long and awful process but I got there and I am now feeling much better about it. June also brought old friends back to me, seriously Download was the point in the summer where everything just made sense and I realised so much and it feels like everything is back to how it should be. I have my friends back and I'm back to being myself. I also had my first ever blog meet up in June! That was amazing, I loved meeting all you lovely people!
Oh how you did not go the way I planned July! I started July in a confused state, worried about a trip to London I'd paid £600 for and now I was single, thankfully John paid me for the hotel, I got a refund on my train ticket and still got to go down for the day to go to Zoo Lates thanks to Jamie. London was fairly good day, I finally got a chance to visit Camden and I saw Giraffes and I also got a lovely long walk around London. Haha. July also brought a trip to Lincoln with it! Oh what a good weekend that was, I loved spending the weekend with Samantha, I ate so much cake that weekend I don't know how I didn't weigh 20 stone when I came back! July brought with it some things I never thought would happen. I expected to spend July alone or with people I couldn't stand but instead it was full of surprises such as new people, strange nights? (Is that the right term? haha) and lots of anger due to realisation that the 3 months had been a lie and a complete waste of my time.
August came and went in a click of my fingers. The start of August I felt like I was the biggest idiot ever, I was filled with despair, no guy would ever find me attractive again and such. After two weeks of negative thinking and being given shit for nothing I deleted all the negativity from my life and I have never felt better. August has been the quietest month of the summer really, I got my first job which is great. I also attended Leeds Festival with Samantha which was amazing, I saw so many acts I never thought I'd get to see.

I feel a little sad after writing this, so much has happened this summer, I never expected it to turn out the way it did. I'm pleased it turned out the way it did though, I may be single and still unsure about what'll happen in the future but at least I'm happy. I've got the greatest friends ever and I've met some pretty awesome people. I'm heading towards the career I want and I can't wait to reach it. This summer has been so odd, I can't even begin to describe it to you all, just imagine you start the summer with a certain views and you end it with complete opposite ones. I guess Download was a wake up call and I wish I could tell the people who helped me realise things weren't right thank you, but I couldn't do that. Since they already think I'm fairly nuts/weird as it is haha.
I'm starting September with a new perspective, I'm a good person and I can achieve whatever I want. This year I'm going to focus on me and doing what I want. No boy is going to tell me how to live my life or distract me, not again. If a boy does come along cool but I won't allow anyone to get in the way of my degree ever again. Right now I'm fairly happy with finding myself again and relaxing without having to make sure I'm not upsetting anyone.

Wow that was more personal than I was going for but you know when you just get into the flow of it? 
What was your summer like? Did you do anything interesting? 
K. x


  1. wow this was such a deep post, so honest.
    I know how you feel,I was in a relationship before the summer too and I ended it and the summer was all confusing for a while but august and now have made it all better for me too.
    Best of luck to both of us! :D xx

    1. Thank you, I never meant for it to be so deep, it just ended up that way!
      It's better isn't it? I really think the single life is one I'd like to keep for a while :)
      Best of luck to you lovely! xx