Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Autumn Days, The Autumn Tag.

When I saw this on Chelsea's blog, I knew I had to do it. Autumn is my favourite season ever, there's just something about it I even wrote my first A-Z of me about Autumn here! Autumn to me is the most beautiful time, the leaves are orange and red, everything smells like Cinnamon or Pumpkin. Horrors are on tv, the air is starting to get cooler and the nights darker and longer. Oh it's just so perfect. It's perfectly acceptable to put your jammies on as soon as you get home because it's already dark, you can drink as many hot drinks without being judged. Oh and there's Halloween. Oh Autumn I love thee. 

In Autumn what is your -

Favourite thing about it?
I find it hard to just pick one thing! Oh I'll have to go with how beautiful everything looks. Leaves are starting to change to red, orange and brown, some trees are already starting to go bare. The morning has a mist to it and the sun shines ever so slightly along with a cool breeze during the day. I am just so in love with everything in Autumn. 

Favourite drink?
Cinnamon coffee or tea, a sprinkle of Cinnamon in your favourite hot drink makes a huge difference. It's gone from a regular drink to something amazing in seconds. 

Favourite scent?
Easy, Cinnamon. Or Toffee I love walking past Greggs and smelling them toffee apple lattice things they sell in the Autumn oh they are beautiful. 

Best lipstick?
I always opt for a darker red in the Autumn but I couldn't pick just one.

Go to moisturiser?
I love the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour one, it is wonderful. It's my go to for when my skin starts to flake and dry out during cold weather. 

Go to colour for the eyes?
Black, it's always Black no matter what the season is. Sorry.

Favourite music or band/singer to listen to?
I love Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson for Autumn they have that sound that is perfect for this time of year. The sing in a creepy? Is that right word? way and it's just oh it's wonderful. Perfect for Halloween. 

Favourite outfit to wear?
Anything black or wine coloured. I have this dress from Topshop that's a dark red/purple with black crosses on and I love that with black tights and little black boots. 

Autumn treat?
Toffee Apples! Of course, what else would you eat in the Autumn months? Toffee Apples are the thing I wait for. I just love them

Favourite place to be?
I love walking in the Autumn, I tend to read more horrors so I love walking past the park when it's dusk and thinking of that Stephen King book I'd just read. Or passing our local woods to get home and just imagining things. I love being home too, just sitting in my chair with a cuppa reading. Autumn is just perfect no matter where you are. One day I'd love to visit Maine and stay there for the Autumn, could you imagine how beautiful it would be? 

I just love Autumn more than any season what about you? Feel free to do the tag and let me know. 
K. x


  1. Great tag, I am definitely going to do this tag :) x


    1. It's great isn't it, let me know if you do it and I'll check it out. x