Monday, 23 September 2013

Guess whos back, back again..

Nope it's not Shady it's Kloe. I  seem to have been on a little hiatus recently, I apologise about this but it has just been so hectic with moving out. I wish I could tell you that I'd been doing so many extremely excited things since moving out but really it's just been exhausting through unpacking and sorting work out and such. So what have I actually done? Well last Sunday I went out for Dinner with my family for Emilia's 17th, she's making me feel so old! God. Monday at 4am our ceiling fell in, well Shona's bedroom ceiling. This is why there is a major delay on house photos. It was absolutely terrifying, imagine being flat out asleep then hearing this awful bang and like noise thats like something falling/being smashed. I thought we were getting broken into! I heard Shona having a panic attack type thing and thought someone was trying to murder her! Haha, I mean it is Middlesbrough after all. We couldn't believe it though the hole was massive, Mel slept through it all! You can see the ceiling here. The next day our heating stopped working and the hot water no longer worked it's been absolutely Baltic in this house! We also have pigeons in the roof they sound like they're massive the amount of noise being made!
Tuesday and Wednesday we literally chilled and Abbey arrived. Thursday I had an impromptu night out with Mel and her friends Jack, George and Callum which was brilliant. It was hilarious I didn't get in until 6am Friday, I was dead guys. So dead. Saturday we took a trip to the metro centre then chilled out since yesterday was the first night of Freshers. Last night was pretty awesome, we met up with the guys for pre-drinks and had a right laugh we then headed to the SU and had a pretty good night.. I didn't spend a penny and I'm sure I was a little drunk when I woke up so it's all good. Tonight I'm heading back out, I've got to make the most of it before I have lectures haha.
I'm going to try to blog as much as I can this week, but I'll probably be hanging or working, I got myself a temporary job working in the library book shop! Go me. I promise I'll have a routine sorted soon and I'll share my house with you guys! I hope you understand and still love me haha.

K. x


  1. Oh my gosh! What is happening to your house?! Hope it all gets better and sorted out. I love the dress with the skeleton hands on! have fun! x

    1. I know! It was such a shock! It's all sorted now thankfully! And it's amazing I love it! Thanks x