Thursday, 5 September 2013

Leeds Festival 2013. Pt 1

So a couple of weeks ago I attended Leeds Festival with Samantha. We were both a bit worried, since it was our festival without any men to look after us if it got a bit rough. (Men I don't need you I can take care of the dick heads for me and Samantha no problem.) Although I laughed at the thought of Leeds being rough, the only show I thought would be rough was Bring Me The Horizon. How wrong I was! I did however survive rather well when faced with a rough crowd/situation, I shouted at several people and pushed many out of my way. I guess I've been taught well off my dad over the years!

Anyway we arrived Wednesday and it was boiling hot, I ended up getting Sam to drink a few cans before we even attempted the tent. We pitched up between Red and Blue? I think it was, we just pitched when we got sick of looking for these guys I know haha. We met up with Cally an old friend and her dad in Purple camp then headed back to ours to find we'd picked the worst place ever to sleep. If you want sleep do not go to Red/Blue/Orange oh my god. Seriously it was just so loud, like do you people not sleep?! We obviously shifted to Purple which was the best idea we'd had all weekend since come Saturday with all the rain the tents where we had originally camped were under water! Also let me tell you something about Leeds Festival, oh god I scoffed at everyone who told me horror stories of cess pits and laughed. Oh god I wish I'd listened. Do you know how hard it is when you're 5'3 and the bloody seat of this cess pit is like higher up than your own downstairs is to squat and not actually touch the disgusting wooden seat?! It's bloody hard! (Was that too much detail?) I just can't get over the toilet situation, it was just I never ever thought I'd miss a portaloo! But I did so much I sang a song about it. (I can't remember the song I was a bit tipsy, but I remember talking about how I was like Phoebe from friends when she sings the song about Smelly Cat) We spent a lot of Thursday quoting Lord Of The Rings, Sam become 'My Sam' and I her Frodo. I can honestly say I'm not drinking anymore this year after Leeds. (I feel like I did need a drink to deal with the 15 year olds though.)

Our extremely excited 'OMG WE'RE GOING TO SEE FALL OUT BOY THIS WEEKEND' Faces ↑

Our 'We're here! The tent is up' / 'Check out our wrist bands' / 'Tumblr Girl' Faces ↓↓

 The absolutely beautiful Daniel Winter-Bates of Bury Tomorrow. (You should check this guys out, they are unreal!) ↑↑
When Bury Tomorrow tell you put your friend on your shoulders you do just that ↓↓
 This is Hadouken! ↑↑
This is my 'omg I am dying it's so hot I haven't eaten in hours, & I'd like a nap' face. featuring Samantha ↑↑
This is my 'OMG LOOK WHO IT IS! We must get a photo for old times sake' face. Featuring James. ↓↓
↑↑ This is Fall Out Boy! ↓↓
This is Pure Love ↓↓
This is Funeral For A Friend! ↓↓
 This is Biffy Clyro, Well Simon Neli. ↓↓

It's true kids, Pop Punk ain't dead. ↑↑

This is absolutely dreadful, but Look MAIN STAGE SELFIES. ↓↓

↑↑ New Found Glory ↓↓
 How freaking adorable does Oli Sykes look? (Prepare for me to fan girl all over the place now)↓↓
 My little babies, Bring Me The Horizon. Oh man just I can't cope with Oli as a dog ↓↓
I swear Oli Sykes has the most perfect legs. Look at those legs, those knees. I just want to touch him. He is so beautiful. Just look at him, I actually just want to do unspeakable things to him. (Total Fan Girl.) ↓↓
 This is the driest Leeds Festival was look at that grass!! ↑↑
This is the result of being half an hour from your tent with 1 rain coat between 2 people and you get caught in a torrential thunderstorm. I was wet through to my knickers. Don't I look happy. What's better is you can see the tent leaking in behind me! ↓↓

Friday was wonderful after finding the portaloos (oh how I loved you) we headed down to Main Stage first thing, opening the festival was Bury Tomorrow who are amazing and Daniel Winter-Bates is just a beautiful man which is always a plus, we stayed at main stage and watched some god awful band called We Are The In Crowd? Whatever it was, it was awful. We then had an amazing party to Hadouken, well I did, Sam wasn't too impressed. They were hilarious, like the crowd just loved them and I have never in my life heard so many Northerns in my life say 'You Wot' at the same time. Love it. Main stage was great but we potted about a lot watching the Introducing stage and the Lock Up stage until it was time for Fall Out Boy, before this we found an old friend James. Oh James is lovely! Fall Out Boy was the roughest band of the weekend! We were like Sardines in a can. Dripping wet when they finished, I was far too busy crying and fan girling everywhere to actually take loads of photos. I'd like to see them again some time where I can actually here Patrick, because you could hear him but I could hear the crowd more. I am pleased to say when they played Dance Dance I did the little Pete Wentz dance and when they played Sugar Were Going Down & A Little Less Than Sixteen Candles I sang my little heart out and was pretty much hyperventilating. This is a photo James took during Fall Out Boy, it just sums the show up really. We were then faced with 'do we watch Funeral For A Friend or get a good spot for Biffy?' We opted for FFAF. First off we watched Pure Love who are fronted by Frank Carter who used to be in Gallows. I really liked Gallows so I was eager to see what these guys were like and they were great! Frank got the crowd to do a circle pit around the tent! Whilst carrying him in a rubber dingy, you wot? Once they were done we headed over to see Gallows play with their new front man. Oh god it was awful, I'd seen Gallows several times in the past with Frank and really this new bloke oh god he is awful, pretty scary too. Thankfully they soon ended and then came Funeral For A Friend, oh I nearly cried during these, I loved it. I've loved these since I was 13 and I'd had some many chances to see them and had missed everyone of them, I caught two songs at Sonisphere festival 2010 but wanted an entire set. I felt 13 again and loved every second. Due to FFAF we didn't get a good spot for Biffy Clyro but we did catch Folding Stars! YEY. 

Saturday was really spent hanging about waiting for Green Day. We watched Bring Me The Horizon of course and fan girled all over the joint. Oh Oli how lush do you look? Oh god I couldn't cope, he is just beautiful. This crowd was hilarious, a lot of people were a bit shocked by what they saw and barely anyone knew the older stuff they played! (WOT) Oli kept calling the crowd pussies and cunts (sorry) because there was barely any mosh / circle pits going on which was hilarious. It's the tamest Bring Me The Horizon show I've been to (it was the 5th time I'd seen them!) Saturday was an extremely wet day after Bring Me finished it absolutely chucked it down so we ran to a tent to watch Bastille? We ended up finding this lad who had lost his friends and was pretty lost looking we seemed to adopt him for a short while and looked after him. We then popped into the Jager tent to see Mel and get bin bags. My wellies had holes in from the Thursday this is Saturday my feet were a bit wet eeew. So we then lost the kid because he couldn't get in the tent but ah well, we headed off to meet Cally and watch System Of A Down but more on that later. 

Have you been to any festivals this year? Have I put you off Leeds Festival?

K. x


  1. I am so jealous of your festival photos this year! Next year, I'm determined to go to one! Looks like you've had a great summer of them x

    1. Aww thank you! Haha, I think? I'm determined to do Download again next year! And I have I've been pretty lucky I guess x

  2. Looks so good, im very jealous!!! wish i had gone