Friday, 6 September 2013

Leeds Festival 2013. Pt 2.

So where were with part 1? Ah yes we'd lost our little friend and were heading off to watch System Of A Down. So here goes Part 2 of my time at Leeds Festival. I'd say Saturday and Sunday was when I realised that this was no metal festival. This was no Download. The people are just morons and extremely rude, pretty much everyone's so drunk or on so many drugs that they can barely walk. To me that takes the fun out of a festival, I may sound like an OAP but you've paid £200 + to go to a festival why get so wasted you can't even remember it? I mean one of the plus' of festivals is you can drink at 9am and no one judges you but you don't want to be so sloshed you can't remember a single thing do you? I mean I can go to Newcastle to do that. We did get some entertainment from this though don't get me wrong, we witnessed a couple fight each other in the mud and this girl who couldn't walk or talk just rolling in it. Oh god it's really not Download hahaa.
↑↑ System Of A Down of course ↓↓
 Obviously loving it 
 This is what happens when you're waiting for Green ↓↓
 ↑↑& This is what happens when you get UV Face Paint. I'm obviously a very sexy bearded woman, Sam's a Cat and Cally is also bearded. ↓↓
 ↑↑ This is my Blue Steel look and Sam looks adorable as always haha. ↑↑
Obviously it was then time for Green Day!!!! ↓↓

 Onto Sunday- Mallory Knox, there was literally no one watching these guys ↓↓
↑↑ The most fashionable footwear there
Johnny fucking Marr!! ↓↓
 ↑↑ Mud glorious mud.
I look so beautiful singing Pieces by Plan B and Chase & Status.↓↓
 ↑↑The one and Only Eminem!!↓↓

↑↑ This is how you will look after 5 days of rain and mud. No showers and little sleep. If you still look perfectly tidy fuck you. ↑↑

System Of A Down were a complete shock, I only knew a few songs and I was extremely impressed. I really enjoyed them, I'll definitely give them a proper listen at some point haha. It was then the awful hanging about you have to do when you really can't contain excitement for a band. Thankfully we can keep ourselves entertained by just being us which is plain stupid. Green Day were just I can't even describe it. I have memories upon memories of listening to Green Day at 8 years old and loving them so much. I remember when American Idiot came out me and this boy I fancied (yes aged 10 I had a proper crush on this guy) made proper friends because we both really loved the album and I remember we got wrong for singing it on the bus during a school trip because urm you know the swearing? hahaha. Anyway Green Day just blew me away and then when they announced they were playing Dookie in full I thought I'd just about die! Dookie is like one album that will never get old ever. I was a little worried they wouldn't play Jesus Of Suburbia before they finished which is my favourite ever song by them for so many reason. But oh they did better they played loads of American Idiot and classics such as Minority & Good Riddance! They sounded just like they do on record and of course they played Jesus why wouldn't they?
Sunday was a pretty boring day compared with the past few. We packed the tent and such up first thing then headed to watch bands. Sam caught Mallory Knox who are fairly good ya'll should listen to them. We then just pottered about we caught a band called Feed The Rhino who were pretty awesome and watched some fairly cool acts on the Introducing stage along with perving on one of the most beautiful guitar players I've ever seen (worst bit is I can't remember their name </3) Soon it was time for Johnny Marr. Johnny Marr was amazing, he played several songs by The Smiths which went down a treat. I was sad to see him finish so quickly it was a lovely relaxing set, we watched some band Imagine Dragons? After him, I was not impressed they sound like twinkly pop music if that makes sense to you. Soon it was Chase and Status time of course they crowd loved it. They opened with No Problem of course and from there it was just mental. I saw them at Download last year but didn't get the chance to get right in the middle of all the dancing and this year I did so I was buzzing. They were just unreal, definitely got me in the mood for Eminem. I was actually jumping all over the place, seriously if you don't like chase and status there is something wrong with you! Of course once they finished it was time for the man himself Eminem, oh my you have no idea how excited I was. When I was 12 I had this best friend Chloe and we were obsessed with Eminem. He was amazing, he did a mash up of hits, Sam just kept looking at me in shock. I was doing the gangsta arms and pretty much crying everywhere during his set. At 12 if you'd told me I'd see Eminem I'd never have believed you, until the other week I wouldn't have. He never tours or anything and just oh god I just can't even tell you how good it was. Without Me was one of my favourite moments the crowd went crazy! Oh and when he played Stan he brought Dido out! Can you believe it?!

All in all Leeds Festival was an interesting weekend, I saw so many bands/acts I never thought I'd get the chance to. I saw old friends and had the best time with Samantha. I felt so many emotions during the weekend I don't know how I survived to be honest! I don't think I'll be going back for an entire weekend though, I'll stick to Download and maybe Sonisphere if that ever comes back! 

Have  you been to a festival this summer? Have you seen any of these bands before? 
K. x


  1. So jealous, love your beard and poncho ;) xx

    1. Aw Beca we need a catch up soon! I love the beard too I was sad to see it go </3 The poncho is pure sexiness ;) xx