Monday, 2 September 2013

Musical Monday #3

So week #3 (technically I should be on 4 but shhh) of Musical Monday is brought to you by Rob Zombie. Now I love Rob Zombie, he's one of them acts that just always gets me in the mood to go out or cheers me up. His voice is perfect for Halloween parties, especially the older stuff. I remember discovering him when I was about 14 and falling in love with his creepy sound. I found it hard to like his newer albums when I first listen to them and this album was no different but after the second play I loved it. Anyway Rob Zombie has an odd sound but I love it, it's like hill billy rock? Haha, I'll just get on with the album and you guys can decide for yourselves. Just a word of warning, there is no deep meaning behind this album no real reason I love it apart from the fact it's so freakin' awesome and catchy.
Rob Zombie
Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor
Year Released
When I first heard it
I listened to this album as soon as it came out, I wasn't too sure about it at first but I find that with Zombie albums. I find at first I'm a little dude what have you done but after a second listen I'm always in love.
Memories I associate with the album
This album has pretty much been on constantly this summer! When I went to London in July I spent the entire train journey listening to it, all the way to Peterborough! That's like 3 times or something haha. I've listened to it on every single train journey I've had this summer! I don't actually have any memories where I played this album and something happened but it does stick out for the whole of July. I listen to it and think of all the cool things I did this July. 
Top Three tracks from the album
Ging Gang Gong De Do Gong De Laga Raga - This is the oddest title ever, I still have no idea why this is the title, but this track is so catchy! The lyrics aren't really for those who are shy but I love them ,they stick in your head for ages! It has a great chorus to dance to when you're getting ready to go out too!
The Girl Who Loved The Monsters - This song reminds me of old Rob Zombie tracks, creepy and horror themed. Just how it should be.
White Trash Freaks - I just don't even have any good reason for liking this track either, I just it's such a catchy track. I love Robs voice! 
Favourite lyrics from my top Three tracks-
Ging Gang Gong De Do Gong De Laga Raga - Strapped behind the wheel of a flat-bed truck, a payload of pussy and peking Duck. High on the fumes and high on the gas, rally round the girl with the skull on her ass.  ( I can hear you judging me I'm not bothered haha)
The Girl Who Loved The Monsters - Set Them free, let them be. The monsters live in you and me.
White Trash Freaks - She got a sweet face smile and a wicked grin, shot to her crib is an unborn twin.
Track 1, Track 2, Track 3.
So this weeks Musical Monday was fairly short but I love all these tracks because they are just so catchy, I wish they had some real meaning to me but they don't I just rather like them. I just really love Rob Zombie I get so excited about his music and it's really funny because no one else I know really likes it or gets it haha.

Are you a Rob Zombie fan? Or do you just think he's weird?
K. x


  1. i need some new music to listen to, so thank you! i'll be checking this out :) x