Sunday, 1 September 2013

Recently #30

Hello all! Hope you're all well, I've been so busy since I got back from Leeds I haven't had two minutes to sit down! I've been so exhausted you have no idea. I got back at around half 2 Monday morning and haven't stopped since. I've got so many posts partially written that I can't wait to share with you all. So what have I been up to? Well last week I was at Leeds Festival with Sam, I'll have a post up as soon as I can find words to describe the weekend, I'm still a little shocked by some things! Haha. After getting back I had half a day of recovery where all I wanted was a plate of Mince and Dumplings, we went out for dinner so I could get some but they were sold out! My heart broke so I ended up with an All Day Brunch as per haha. Tuesday was spent buying the last few pieces for moving out! 13 days! I am fairly excited, I can't wait to share all my bits and pieces with you guys and the house! Friday I caught up with Abbey in town which was lovely, I haven't seen her for weeks so it was really nice although one certain little shit put a downer on the day. I've really just been working and packing and catching up on sleep really, I still haven't had a good nights sleep since I got back! I've also spent a lot of time just thinking recently, I can't believe it's almost been a year since I started university, to think this time last year I was having mental break downs and considering not going because I thought that if I went I'd ruin my relationship and I'd end up lonely. I'm so pleased I went, I'm so pleased I didn't give my dreams up for some silly relationship that would have ended anyway. I've met the most amazing people and I'm 1 step closer to getting my dream job, I'm super happy about it. Anyway I'll just get on with this before I ramble on!

This week, I've been; 
Listening to My Leeds playlist just to relive some amazing moments haha, I also had a nice few hours yesterday where I did nothing but listen to Rob Zombie, oh how I love that man. 
Reading I haven't touched a book this week! I have been far too busy, I guess I have read lots of blogs though! I promise I'll find a new book this weekend and have a review soon!
Watching I've only really watched How I Met Your Mother this week, I love it. It's one of them shows that you can just chuck on when nothing else is on and no one complains so it's great. Plus I totally love Barney and Robin. I can't wait to actually be able to afford the full boxset.
Lusting after Tickets to go and see Bring Me The Horizon, I have asked everyone I know and all of them have replied with 'I don't really like them that much' or 'I only know/like the new album' GUYS I NEED TO GO. I have asked my last 5 last resorts so hopefully one of them will go with me and if not I shall have to cry for days. I've seen them on every album tour since 2008 so I really need to go! 
Wishing for Many a thing, just little silly things. I'd really like a new job in a shop or something and I'm wishing for some good news soon. So fingers crossed for me guys.
Getting excited about Moving out! Two weeks today and I'll be in my first house! I never imagined that my first house with be with my friends, I always imagined me getting one with a boyfriend or something first. I'm pleased things have turned out this way though.

This weeks song is an old favourite, I've been singing it for the past week. It's Fall Out Boy's - Sugar Were Going Down. This song means so much to me it's weird. I heard it live last Friday and still can't get over the fact I saw Fall Out Boy! Anyway it's a brilliant song, it also I don't know the words seem to describe how I was feeling before Leeds as well. I'll leave that to you to figure out haha.

Did you do anything interesting last weekend? What are you lusting after this week? 
K. x

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