Friday, 13 September 2013

The good ole Emo days.

I'm going to say first of all, I apologise for some of these absolutely god awful photos that are to follow, but please remember these were the emo days. I'd also like to point out that this post is fairly photo heavy haha. This post comes after having a chat with LeonaBecky and Libby on twitter about the good old emo days. Most people I know had them. I started my Emo days in late 2006 and they ended in about 2010 which was the last time I wore far too much eyeliner and decided metal was the way forward. Don't get me wrong I still love my emo days music but some of it I think Jesus Christ what on earth was I listening to? Mid way through the emo stage I hit that 'Scene kid' stage lord help us all. Feel free to giggle at my photos. I nearly wet myself at some.
 This is fairly early on in my Emo days, I can't find anymore from before I hit the scene stage but trust me they were there, I had a bit of hair cut that wasn't a side fringe just a bit that hung over my eye. Why I do not know. 
 I then hit the I want to be scene but listen to Emo music. So I dyed my hair blonde and back combed the shit out of it.
 Look it's Sam in the emo days as well! And that guy from Slaves to Gravity! I look like a fucking dick, what was I thinking?! Why did I have hair like that?! Sam's face just says it all really. 
This here is a photo of me and an old friend taking the piss out of this lass. But you know it shows the Scene Kloe so well. That eye shadow, who didn't love Barry M?!
Lets hit 2009 this is my emo peak!
 That eyeliner, then that fringe with so much hair spray on it, that I could lift it up like a hinge! Check out the fish nets and docs below. I look ridiculous. So much eye liner it's where does the fringe end and the eyes begin?!
 Above and Below were for a friends art work but I had so much fun, it was pretty much like I WANT TO BE AN EMO KID MODEL! I used them as myspace photos for ages.
 Hello typical Myspace profile photo, who didn't have Myspace back in the day?! On almost every one I was 'upside down' and my boobs were out. Oh Kloe you were classy. 
Lets hit 2010. The Eyeliner was getting less and less and I was starting to sway towards metal. 
 I look absolutely dreadful on here but it just shows, don't cry with too much eyeliner on you look like a dick. Featuring WiL Francis of Aiden & William Control. 
 This was taken of me and put on some online site when I was at Sonisphere Festival in 2010. The Eyeliner was less and it appears that I have barely any eyebrows! What was I doing?! 
 These two above and below were for a friends art work, the top one is me being Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue and below is me pretty much making my move into the Metal phase. 
This post has took me right back in time, I can't even remember when my emo phase started. I remember meeting this boy and he listened to Iron Maiden and Bullet For My Valentine so I started to check rock bands out. I remember falling in love with Aiden, BMFV, MCR, FOB, Hawthorne Heights, The Used, Taking Back Sunday and such. I loved Funeral For A Friend so much too. I remember living in black skinny jeans, vans and band shirts and living with my ipod. I remember being that typical emo kid. I used to wear so much eyeliner that I didn't dare wipe my eyes, so much hair spray you could lift my fringe up as if it was on a hinge. Every penny I had went on gig tickets and band shirts, I saw so many bands back in the date it's mad. I eventually grew out of Emo and into metal, which is where I will probably stay for the rest of my days with a little bit of emo showing through now and then. I cringe when I think of some of the outfits I wore and hair styles I left the house with but back then I felt cooler than cool.
Did you have an Emo phase? What do you think of my Emo phase?

K. x


  1. You have an awesome Taylor Momsen look about you in the photos. I really like the blonde on you too x

    1. Haha, thank you? I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not haha. I loved my blonde hair x

  2. That photo of will, oh boy does he look gorgeous with facial hair. We've all done the emo thing, mine also being in 2006 and also being a little "scene" for a short period too.
    Oh how i miss the lashings of eyeliner and backcombing.

    1. He looks beautiful doesn't he! The emo thing was huge wasn't it! The scene period I wish I could forget it haha, I miss the eyeliner too. Haha.

  3. Haha I think you suit every hair colour! I don't think I ever looked as emo as you I have to admit! :P xxx

    1. Aww why thank you ha, I miss my old hair but I love the black. Haha I was pretty emo like can't believe how bad it was. xxx

  4. Ever since my "emo" or "scene" days I have tried to re-live it and make the look more advanced as in my "emo days" I never looked that good as I was about 13/14 and had no idea how to look like the "scene queens" or anything about makeup. However, my enthusiasm for the style has gradulally worn offf just due to life taking over; life does not allow you to prance around your room singing into a hair brush or try to look "emo" for myspace for hours on end. I miss when "emo" or "scene" was "in trend" because I have some good memories from those days; although I do like how when I have an "emo day" in 2015, it feels nostalgic. I guess, I will never let it go; I will never stop listening to the music, wearing skinny jeans or throw out my band t-shirts because the "trend" is a big part of who I am today.

    Nowadays, I still where "alternative" fashion brands which I wore back in 2008/2009, however, I don't go out of my way to deliberately look like a "scene kid" or "emo". I just where what I want really, some days I have "panda eyes" some days I have no makeup on.

    If anything, I cringe at how serious I took it all and the some of the music I listened too. I mainly shop in charity shops now, but I am always drawn towards the black clothing.

    Btw you have an amazing blog :) I adore your kitty cat (eek!) and it's weird as I am currently planning on studying at Teeside. Have a lovely day (: