Saturday, 5 October 2013

When life takes over..

A little sneak peak of my new room, a full house tour is to come!
The girls, I'm living with Mel (next to me) and Shona (on the end) and Abbey lives across the road. 
Me and Mel before we went to Creeps the other week. 
Last Wednesday was a bit of a rough one, Me, Abbey, Meg (My other house mate) and Mel. 
A little trip to Lincoln for Samantha's 20th Birthday with Brandon. 
Sugar Cubes is now my favourite place, Lincoln I love you!
This has been me for the past week. I am ill. Dying I swear. I couldn't speak last Saturday. It was awful. Hopefully since I'm coughing less and my nose isn't as blocked I'm on the mend, fingers crossed.
Hello! I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things this week! I currently have two jobs and uni to juggle through the day and weekends have been busy since moving out but since Freshers ends this weekend I'm hoping I can get back into the flow of blogging! So I apologise for my little hiatus but I have just had no time at all, I've sat down to start posts and get half way through and something interrupts them such as trips to the SU or a trip across to Abbeys house. Or I'm just too tired and want to nap. 
So far I'm loving living away from home, there's a Pizza Hut that delivers no one is shouting at me for not getting up at 9am and uni is a 10-15 minute walk away! Oh and I'm living with the most amazing people so it's always good. I'd really like to tell you all about the past few weeks living here but quite a bit of it is a blur! I said I wasn't going to go out and spend too much money on drink and I have done just that, once this weekend is over I'm going to limit myself to one night a week if that. I swear my liver couldn't take anymore! Last weekend I lost many rounds of beer pong and then proceeded to spend £20 on vodkas which were fairly cheap so I think I could do with a break! I've learnt a few things about myself during freshers I shouldn't talk to people when I'm drunk because I start things that I have don't want to keep going or don't really want to do. One example is I accidently signed up to the Drama Society and this guy tweets at me about going to the meetings and it's hilarious, I might go for a laugh this week. People keep trying to rope me into joining the Rowing team and Volleyball too! I did join the gym though! Watch out guys I'm serious this time, I've signed up, paid and had my induction! Monday is going to be my first work out session and I'm a bit worried but I'm going to stick to it and get fit!
Along with partying at uni I had a little trip down to Lincoln to visit it Sam for her birthday, I met Brandon on the train and off we went last Friday. Lincoln is an odd place it was about 20 degrees warmer than the North! We ended up having several games of Beer Pong and watching the final episode of the IT Crowd before we headed out to Sugar Cubes. Now I've heard stories of Cubes from several people and wasn't too sure what to expect I did take on board what people said and I wore old shoes the floor is extremely icky in there! I'd said at the start of the night I wasn't going to be able to stay out all night I was dying from flu, hello 3am in a pizza shop! I really wish I couldn't stick to my word! The next day we were met by Sam's mam and treat to a wonderful Pizza Hut I tried a bit of Josh's Burger Crust Pizza and oh my god try it! It is unreal!

So that's a really quick update on my life, I have some posts to finish and take photos for such as a house tour and a haul post! Along with several outfit posts that need editing! I'm so excited to get back into blogging full time I hope you guys aren't mad at me for letting my life take over!
I hope all of you are well and remember you can keep up to date with my life over on Twitter and Instagram.
K. x


  1. Props to you doing Uni, working AND trying to run a blog! You're mad but it's very inspirational...if only all students had the same work ethic!

    Can't wait to see a proper room tour, your bed looks beyond cute!!


    1. It's been hard I'm hoping to get back into the swing of it now though!
      Hopefully my room tour will be up by the end of this week! xx

  2. Lovely pictures Kloe! Your room looks great. So glad to hear you're having an awesome time at uni! You must be super busy.

    -Jade x
    Gracious Silhouettes

    1. Thank you, I can't wait to share a full room tour! I'm so busy you wouldn't believe it! xx