Monday, 14 October 2013

Musical Mondays #4

Welcome back Musical Mondays! I'm really sorry for the lack of posting right now but I really do think I may be on top of it once again! Yey me! So this weeks MM is brought to you with Fall Out Boy! I love Fall Out Boy, they're one of them bands I will never tire of. I saw them at Leeds Festival over the summer after waiting years and I loved every second of and last week I successfully purchased 5 tickets to go and see them at Newcastle in March next year for my 20th! I am beyond excited. Fall Out Boy are just one of them bands that really takes me back to being 15, I sort of fell out of love with them whilst in my previous relationship because they reminded me of all the old days and I barely saw my friends and it made me sad. But back in January this year I picked this album up and listened to it for the first time in ages and fell back in love with them. They really are a band that make you feel better about everything and cheer you up straight away. 

Fall Out Boy
From under the cork tree 
Year Released
When/why I first heard it
I can't actually remember the first time I heard tracks from the album but probably not long after it came out, we used to have kerrang on all the time at my dad's house so I'll have heard Sugar We're Going many times without realising. The first time I remember listening to the album in full was after these girls I knew had decided that they were going full emo and we're listening to it and I remember we spent hours talking about how beautiful Pete Wentz is.
Memories I associate with the album
Whenever Samantha used to come around we'd play guitar hero and listen to music basically and I remember we used to always do the little Pete Wentz guitar smash ups or dancey bits together. Also the many times we did the Dance, Dance dance haha (that always sounds funny.) you know the little bit Pete does? Yeah I always do that when the song is played much to mine and Sam's amusement. I now think of Leeds Festival when I hear this album now, I just can't describe how amazing it was to finally see these guys live, I just didn't know what to do with myself. 
Top Three tracks from the album
Dance, Dance - This song just reminds me so much of school, I remember singing it and doing the dance and loving it. The track it's self is amazing, I love the lyrics.
Sugar we're going down - This song to me has some of the best lyrics ever, the ones below are just amazing, if someones using you it's always a good song to listen to it makes you feel so much better.
A Little Less Than Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch ''Me'' - This song I can't even describe my love for this song, it's just such a feel good song, it always makes me smile and I absolutely love the video!
Favourite lyrics from my top Three tracks-
Why don't you show me the little bit of spine you've been saving for his mattress. I only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me. - Dance Dance.
I'm just a notch in your bedpost but you're just a line in a song. - Sugar We're Going Down.
I don't blame you for being you, but you can't blame me for hating it. So say, what are you waiting for? Kiss her, kiss her. - A Little Less Than Sixteen Candles, A Little More ''Touch Me''.

Track 1Track 2, Track 3.

So  that's this weeks Musical Monday. Do you like Fall Out Boy? Have you fallen out of love with and fallen back in love them?
K. x


  1. Ah this takes me back, this whole album reminds me of a teenage summer as we were constantly listening to it at the beach! Sugar we're going down is awesome! :D xxx

    1. It's such a nostalgic album isn't it! I love listening to it, I feel instantly 15 again! xxx