Monday, 21 October 2013

Musical Mondays #5

I now consider Slipknot as one of my favourite bands although I've been scared of them for many years and the first time I saw them live I left before the end because I was tired, I'd been punched in the face, it was pouring down and to top it off it was shark week so I just wasn't happy. That's not to say they weren't amazing, which they were just I wasn't feeling it which is a shame but I did get to see them again at Download this year which was amazing! I actually love Corey Taylor I'm like a super fan girl haha. When asked who my favourite boy band are, I say Slipknot they count as a boy band right?

Year Released
When/why I first heard it
My dad used to play this album all the time but I was scared of Slipknot so whenever they came on TV and stuff I'd leave the room. To be perfectly honest Shaun still scares me I mean he's a clown for goodness sakes! Seriously my dad absolutely loves Slipknot so I've been brought up listening to them, this album is probably my favourite of them all. Wait and Bleed is definitely a firm favourite.
Memories I associate with the album
I always think of my first boyfriend and his best friend when I listen to this album I remember they loved Slipknot and played them all the time. I always remember being punched in the face at Sonisphere Festival 2011 when they were playing some guy punched me in the face and I wasn't even in a mosh pit! Not cool man. I listen to them now and think of my little sister, she's 11 and Slipknot are like her favourite band and I am so proud that she's loves them so. I now have the memories of Download Festival 2013 of course they were actually unreal I just can't describe my excitement, I was drenched and cold but I was with my best friend listening to these guys and there is nothing better than that really is there? 
Top Three tracks from the album
Wait And Bleed - This song proper gets me in the mood to go out, it's so catchy and I absolutely love Corey's voice in it. I love how this song is so nu metal. Seriously if you're going to give any Slipknot song a listen I'd say this song first. It's in my top five Slipknot tracks!
Spit It Out - I love this song for when I'm in an angry mood or just want to leave it all out. It's brilliant to put on and just sing to and you feel so much better afterwards.
Eyeless - Just like Spit It Out this song is perfect for when you're in a rage, it's just so good for an angry playlist. I feel so calm after this track. You just want to jump about and go mental!
Favourite lyrics from my top Three tracks-
How the hell did I get here? Something about this is very wrong, have to laugh out loud, I wish I didn't like this. Is it a dream or a memory?  - Wait and Bleed
All you wanna do is drag me down, all I wanna do is stamp you out. - Spit It Out
How many times have you wanted to kill? Everything and everyone, say you'll do it but never will. - Eyeless

Track 1, Track 2, Track 3

So Slipknot are one of my favourite bands but most people don't like them where do you stand? Have you got any bands you think I might like?

K. x

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