Sunday, 24 November 2013

Durham Lumiere Festival 2013.

Last Saturday Becca and I took a trip back to my home town of Durham for Lumiere Festival which translates to the Festival Of Light. I was super excited for this year as it was an excuse to go home, I was a little upset because my granda was unable to attend with me this year and since it started running we've gone together, but I did have Becca to come along oh and my new camera. Let me just say I am in love with my new camera, sadly I had to give it back after Saturday night until Christmas day, but at least I know it works well.
We started off at Durham University and made our way down to the centre of the City. Durham just looked spectacular, the next time Lumiere is on you need to take a visit! There was so much to be seen, the sun, an elephant, cars filled with flowers, a phone box filled with fish and the cathedral had an amazing light show. Durham was busy with people everyone ooing and aaahing over the sights, everyone was waiting for each other to take photos and the air was filled with excitement. It has definitely made me more excited to go home for the holidays.
Some of my favourite pieces were the cars which were filled with flowers, this was called the Greenhouse Effect, this piece was inspired by the effect our cars have on the environment and to make us think about it. The cars just looked amazing, there was no way you could miss them. Another favourite was the telephone box, this was surrounded by people for hours, it was super hard to get to the front but we waited. It was so surreal seeing fish just swim around in a telephone box just minding their own business. I could have stared at it for hours. Finally the main event was the Crown Of Light, this was the final year to see this and I'm pleased I had my new camera, the past two years I've got fairly ok images of this but now I feel like I have some good ones. The Cathedral is covered in light telling it's story and that of the Lindisfarne Gospels it's just beautiful.

Lumiere was just spectacular once again I can't wait to see what they come up with for 2015!
Did you go to Durham Lumiere? If so I'd love to see your photos feel free to leave your link :) 
K. x

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  1. that christmas tree looks pretty freakin fantastic... maybe i should make my own, haha. it would give me an excuse to get fat ;)