Sunday, 17 November 2013

If money was no object New Year outfit wishlist.*

Luxury Wishlist

With the Christmas / New year season coming up all I find myself doing is looking at clothes and dreaming about the perfect outfit. I love the winter because it means I can wear darker make up and get away with dark purples and black unlike during the summer months.
This outfit is something I'd choose to wear to a New Year party if money was no object, obviously I'm a poor student and could never afford any of these items well aside from the lipstick. I think by now all of you know I like alternative fashion and lots of leather and darks. I'm a real metal head underneath it all we all know that and this outfit brings that side of me out.
The Emilio Pucci leather leggings are something that would not look out of place in my wardrobe, I have several pairs of 'leather' leggings and they are perfect for any type of outfit. You can dress them up or down they are perfect for giving an outfit a slight rock n roll/rebel / punk look which is very current right now. Team them with this mesh McQueen top and it's great for the current punk trend we're seeing everywhere. I love this trend right now I feel as if it's the perfect way to channel your less girly side, of course you can soften the rebel punk look with a set of heels. I love these Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, the strap really sets them off.
To complete my ideal luxury no limit wishlist I have the perfect accessories, I have been lusting over a McQueen clutch bag for years, I just love Mcqueen the designs are always slightly punky with skulls and studs meaning it is perfect. Chuck in a punky necklace by Eddie Borgo and a beautiful ring by Lola Rose and you're almost there. I really want to find a cheaper version of this ring, I love the stone it's just so pretty!
Finally to complete the look I'd go for a dark red lipstick, I'm lusting over this Tom Ford one, isn't it beautiful? 

I can't wait to find myself an actual outfit for new year but until then I'm going to be lusting over outfits I can't afford!
Which trends are you loving this season? What do you think of my dream outfit? 
K. x


  1. You would look awesome in this Kloe! Great picks!

    -Jade xx
    Gracious Silhouettes

    1. Thank you! I really liked the picks too! xx