Monday, 4 November 2013

This is Halloween, everyone scream!

So this year I ended up going to two Halloween parties. The first wasn't an official Halloween party but our Forensic Science social which was hosted by Jonathan and the theme was 'evil practitioners' of course we opted for a surgeon and a nurse. The second was Samantha's annual Halloween party which is always great. 
Wednesday was an eventful night filled with dancing and many many shots. Shots were done using a plastic syringe I would not suggest it, it is awful. Haha. Abbey and Becca along with the rest of the Netball girls came dressed as pumpkins, how cute do they look?! I felt so Harley Quinn-esque on Wednesday, if you've played Arkham Asylum you'll know what I'm talking about. Wednesday was pretty much a typical night out in Middlesbrough, The Su followed by Flares and Spensleys. 

 The Flash (Brandon.), Daenerys Stormborn of house Targaryen (Samantha), Satan (me.) 
Sorry for the quality of some of these photo's you know what it's like. But this is the only one I have of Sam's full costume! She made it her self and even had the three headed dragon pin, she looked amazing. People kept shouting Khaleesi at her! 
Josh came as Alex from A Clockwork Orange 
 Byron attended as a Zombie officer Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. I felt like I hadn't been creative enough with my costume this year so next year I'm making a massive effort!
 Sam, Josh and whoever else helped decorate Josh's house for the party did an amazing job. There was cobwebs everywhere you looked and awesome little decorations. I loved the mantle piece with the candles and bottles. Sam made dragon eggs to go with her costume of course and her and Josh carved them amazing pumpkins above! How good are they?! Most of the decorations were home made as well. They did an amazing job.
This is Roudy, he is amazing. He is the best inflatable Crocodile? Or is he an Alligator? I'm not sure anyway every party I've been to at Josh's Roudy has been there and he's just the life and soul of the party we love him. 
 Thursday had started off pretty dreadful, and did not improve. I had so much trouble with my trains getting to Lincoln that me and Brandon arrived late and ended up getting a taxi from Newark North Gate Station to Lincoln but oh well. Once I got there I felt instantly better, my best friends know what to say and do to make me feel better and a night with them was just what I needed to feel loved. Once the house party died down and we were all drunk enough to go out and not spend much we headed to Tokyo where one of Sam's house mates was djing. Tokyo is great they have some underground bit and I love it. All in all this years Halloween definitely beats last years, and was quite possibly one of the best I've had. Thanks for a great night Sam!
All hail Satan and Metal! (Only joking kids)

Did you have a good Halloween? What did you dress up as?
K. x


  1. Looks like you enjoyed your halloween! Samantha makes an amazing daenerys :D xxx

    1. She looks great doesn't she! She made her outfit herself too I was so impressed xxx

  2. Looking beautiful! Love the outfits you wore, especially the nurse one. Looks like you had a great time at your parties too. I had to be child friendly so I was a cat lol. x

    1. Aww thank you! I loved the nurse look, I felt like Harley Quinn! The parties were great and aww I bet you made a great cat! Ha xx