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Christmas Gift Guide 2013.

Christmas is the time of year for giving, this always an absolute pain! You have them few people who you know exactly what to get them, then there's everyone else who you just want to tear your hair out over. Christmas shopping is one of my favourite things to do, I love looking for gifts for people. With this in mind I thought I'd put together a mini gift guide to share with you guys including some of my favourite bits I've seen online this season!

Lets start off with the girls, you've got mum, your sister, your gran and your friends this always equals stress. Girls are the hardest to buy for I always feel like I don't just want to get them a Boots 3 for 2 gift set because I always feel like I haven't made an effort that way. Don't get me wrong Boots 3 for 2 is awesome but sometimes it's just not what you need. So shall we get started on the girls? There's something for everyone here. 
christmas for girls
So where should we start? That annoying person who doesn't like beauty products but doesn't have a hobby you can buy for?
1. How about a nice tea selection, this tea gift box is perfect for any tea lover and lets face it almost everyone loves tea. 
2. Someone who uses there hands a lot? A gardener or just a general hard worker, this is perfect for them, grans would love this set! Hand cream is a perfect for the cold weather.
3. Younger sisters will love this set, who doesn't want nice smelling bath products in a plastic bath? I know my little sister would love this gift, as would most little girls.
4. Mums, Grans, Older sisters or just a cheeky treat for yourself everyone loves a Yankee candle. There are 12 sampler candles in Christmas scents in this box which is just perfect. Christmas Cookie and Cinnamon are my personal favourites.
5. Your best drinking buddy or friend would love this. I've even added one to my list, Urban Outfitters have some amazing Hipflasks in at the moment.
6. I couldn't resist adding this teapot, it's perfect for any tea lover, especially the creative tea lover. Paperchase always have some pretty great teapot designs and this is one of my favourites, it's made to look like it's knitted! How cool is that?!
7. Another for the crafty ones, I've seen many of these sewing jars around this Christmas. I think they're really cute and really handy gifts.
8. Paul and Joe are known for their super cute designs, this set is perfect if you have a bigger budget. I'd personally buy this for someone like my mam. This set contains; eye colour duo, eye cream and a blusher stick along with a cute bag to put them all in. I want the blusher stick so much, how cute is it?! It's a cat's head for goodness sake!
9. Burt's Bees is a brand I have yet to try but I've heard so many great things about them. This set looks like a perfect stocking filler or secret Santa gift. I'm determined to buy some Burt's Bees items after Christmas.  
10. Finally pretty much everyone loves sweets so this jar is a great gift for a friend or younger sister. 

Now a lot of people find boys so hard to buy for, I know I used to find one thing then spend hours stressed finding things. This year I don't have a boyfriend but my god are there some amazing bits out there for them! It's typical isn't it? So I've put together a little list for brothers, boyfriends and dads really. Some of these items are on my Christmas list too so really they aren't just limited to boys. 

christmas for boys
1. Oh how I wish I was a guy so I could get this set! P&Co. teamed up with the beautiful Ricki Hall for this box set, included is a t-shirt, key fob, patches and barber comb. The set is perfect if you don't mind spending a little bit more on the guy in your life who has an amazing beard. 
2. How cool is this clock?! Know any aspiring directors? If so it's perfect. If not well it's still a super cool clock and everyone needs a clock right? 
3. Dad's and Grandas will probably enjoy this gift, hip flasks are a classic gift. I personally believe that all old men need to have one because they are such a classic item. 
4. This is another one for the older men in your life unless your brother likes whiskey. This is a great mini selection of Irish and Scottish whiskeys perfect for a stocking filler or a little taster. 
5. Everyone loves Chewy, like seriously how can you not want to learn how to speak Wookie?! This gift is perfect for any Star Wars lover young or old. 
6. Are you starting to see a pattern? Guys with beards are just brilliant, now if you can't afford to splash out on Slick Ricks then this Urban Outfitters set is for you. A carry case complete with scissors and a comb, perfect for your man to pop in his bag! 
7. Is his head hair more his thing than his facial hair? Then this set from Marks and Spencer not only does it have shampoo and conditioner it has styling clay and an awsome comb with it. 
8. Now this is another item I want. How cool is this?! I love Tolkien and this Moleskine is just amazing. Perfect for any writers, bloggers or new students. 
9. Everyone loves a good Zombie film right? So why not share some Zombie blood with your loved one? Help them blend in, smell like a Zombie and survive that Zombie apocalypse. 
10. Finally we have another Star Wars book this time lightsaber thumb wrestling who wouldn't want to take part in that?! This is perfect for little brothers or boyfriends.

I hope you've enjoyed my gift guide, I hope it's helped you pick some different gifts for your loved ones. I know I for one have bought several of this items and can't wait to give them out!
How's your christmas shopping coming along? Are there any types of gift you'd recommend?
K. x

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  1. i love yankee candles but i didn't know they had this gift set! what a lovely present to get your home smelling gorgeous and cosy!