Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Dear Santa..

Hello lovelies! How've you all been? Can you believe Christmas is next?! I was meant to post this a few weeks ago but I've been ever so busy with deadlines, now though I'm finally finished my first semester! Thank the lord, I can't wait to catch up on sleep and get into the swing of blogging full time again!
So what's on my Christmas list? Well I have quite a few items and I know I probably won't get most of them but I'm sure whatever I get will be fab.

christmas list 1

This Pinafore is beautiful! I've had my heart set on it for weeks, I love Freak of Nature, the band has stolen my heart. I think this is perfect for the winter months teamed with some doc martens and a chunky cardigan. A few weeks ago Drop Dead dropped the A/W13 collection and although I'm in love with quite a few items, I really want this top it's perfect to just chuck on with some jeans. Tartan, oh tartan how I love thee. Topshop have the most amazing items in store right now, these trousers just perfection, every time I walk by I can't take my eyes off them, they're on the top of my 'christmas money' list. Another Drop Dead item, what a shock ey? I've lusted over this all summer and now well into winter, I'm determined to get it in my wardrobe by the end of the year. I find dungarees super cute and think it would be a staple piece for Download Festival next year, yes? I absolutely love Illamasqua I feel like this shade is perfect for the winter months, and I know it'll last because their products always stay on forever! The topshop skirt is currently out of stock online but it's just amazing and I want it, I love velvet at Christmas it's just so pretty. Dr Martens have been my favourite type of shoes for an absolute age. They're timeless and can be worn with anything plus they last forever. It's about time I got a new pair and these ones are just perfect, although I don't think I'd wear them to Download incase I ruined them! Finally this is one of my favourite scents at the moment, it works out cheaper to buy a gift set than it does just the perfume! How goods that?!

Christmas list 2

Now moving on to everything else.
You all know I like weird and wonderful things so when I saw this Deaths head Hawkmoth  I couldn't do anything but want it. Currently it's sold out but the store will probably be getting more in soon. I could spend so much money on there sadly I can't afford it because I'm too poor haha. We all also know how much I love Corey Taylor well he wrote a graphic novel based on his band Stone Sours album House of Gold and Bones. This should be such a good read, I love Coreys music and I love graphic novels so it's a win win right? Personally I believe everyone needs a hipflask. They're easy to transport and can fit hell of a lot in! I love the Urban Outfitters ones they have great little catch phrases on. Perfect. Now my camera is about 5/6 years old so I'm in desperate need of a new one, this one is perfect. I love a good bridge, I can get great quality, good zoom and such for a good price. Also I can get a bridge into festivals and gigs, DSLRs are usually forbidden. So when I saw the price of this one I knew I had to have it, I get an overly expensive camera if I plan on taking it to Download can I?  I love Cath Kidston and this teapot and teacup are just adorable! I'm pretty much in love with them, I really hope santa brings me one of them! Finally we have this super awesome Hobbit Moleskine! There are several designs I want them all, I was stood for ages the other day admiring them in Waterstones. Oh they are just beautiful, the only problem is I wouldn't dare write in it!

So that was my Christmas wishlist, what do you think? Have you posted a Christmas wish list? I'd love to see what you're all after off santa! 

K. x


  1. Great wish list, the cath kidston mushroom mug is adorable x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  2. I love how much tartan there is in your wishlist! In summer I went to a Docs shop and saw some boots with tartan laces in them and I went home and made my own! Perhaps you'd like them.
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

    1. Oooh I'll have to check it out! I really love docs and tartan it's a perfect combo. x

  3. I love those tartan pants and the drop dead t-shirt, you're such an enabler! :D xxx