Saturday, 21 December 2013

Don't wanna waste no more time, time's what we don't have..

I've been so so busy! I have literally spent the first week of my holidays doing uni work! How depressing. But I've now finished it all for Christmas, meaning I can happily sit here sipping Disaronno and Cranberry whilst skyping Jonathan and blog. So since I haven't had any personal posts for a while so I thought I'd do this tag I stole from Chelsea just for a quick update before I get into the full swing of things tomorrow! So to let you get to know me better and to see what I've been doing recently here we go!

Eating - I just met my mam's new boyfriend a few hours ago (he seems lovely) and we all went for a pizza hut so currently I'm in a food coma.  
Drinking -  I'm currently sat here sipping a Disaronno and Cranberry juice, try it! It's like drinking Cherry Bakewells, thank you Jonathan for making me try it! It's my new favourite! (I wrote this last night I'm not an alcoholic!)
Believing - I can resist the temptation of running around the house trying to find where my presents are hid, I mean Christmas is only on Wednesday surely I can wait? 

Dreaming of -
Next term! Oddly I'm missing uni, I miss the social side of it anyway. I'm also dreaming of Summer, I can't wait for warmth!
Anticipating - Christmas day? Does that count? This year I have no idea about what presents I've got so I'm a little worried since I didn't give anyone any directions.
Wearing - I've been living in my skinny jeans and my beanie at the moment, it's so easy to just chuck a hat on when you can't be arsed with your hair. 

Achieving -
Getting the perfect body! I'm part way there, I'm starting to be really happy with my body, I'm proud of my progress so far.
Watching - I'm not currently watching anything, I have been enjoying the current series of American Horror Story though, although it's no where near as scary as the first series. 

Enjoying - Being home cause I can eat loads (food = the way to my heart ha.) and I can just relax and read all day and such it's really fun.

Hiding - Christmas presents from the family, my sister always finds her presents and ruins the surprise every year! 
Feeling - I've been up and down the past week but right now I'm feel just happy as can be. My best friends are home, I've finished all my work for now and I can relax and read! 

Making - I've not made anything this week! I do plan on making some candles tonight/tomorrow ready for some cute Christmas gifts!

Reading -
Jonathan got me to watch The Mortal Instruments film, I've now been sucked into the books which are quite possibly the easiest read I've had for year, perhaps that's because it's a teenage/young adult book? Either way I'm enjoying them, I can't put them down and I just want two characters to get it on but they just won't so it's leaving me emotionally damaged. 

Purchasing - Christmas gifts of course! Aside from that I've been making a few cheeky make up purchases for myself! More on that in the next few days!
Loving - That it's the Christmas Holidays, I had my first lay in, in months this week! It felt so weird, I'm also loving christmas cheese selections and alcohol deals, seriously every get yourselves to tesco the deals on booze is great!

Planning -
I'm not planning anything really, I've been having a think about what to do for my 20th because March is going to be a super busy month! 
Obsessing over - Some new Doc Martens oh my, I just I need a new pair. Mine are 6 years old so I feel like I need a new pair haha. 
Adventuring- No where at all, I did have a trip to Newcastle the other day but that's no adventure. Although I did go to see the Hobbit now that was an adventure! (I'm in love with one of the dwarves and that makes me look past the fact they ruined the book)
Working on - This blog, I have a few ideas up my sleeves, I plan to have everything sorted by new year, I'm considering a name change, I've decided on the direction I was my blog to take and my current name wouldn't suit that cause. So change is coming I believe and it just excites me! I may also be starting a food blog up with one of my good friends from Uni Becca but it's still in the workings but I'll let you know what happens! 

Well that was longer than I expected it to be! I hope I haven't bored you all to death! I'm super excited for the new year and getting back into the swing of blogging.
Are you excited for Christmas and New Year? What have you been up to recently?

K. x
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  1. I agree - Disaronno and cranberry juice is amazing! You wouldn't usually put the two together but it just tastes like fruit candy canes. Delish.
    Secondly, The Mortal Instrument books are fantastic. I've just finished The Infernal Devices prequels and I am just a little emotional over them. They are definitely worth a read after you've finished the first lot.

    1. It's amazing isn't it! I've read the entire series in 2 weeks it's so good! I'll have to read the squeal and prequel! xx