Sunday, 26 January 2014

&dear, I fear that this ship is sinking tonight. // OOTD

Say hello to my first outfit post of 2014! I'm determined to make more of an effort with these this year, I was going to post this earlier in the week but simply had no time. I'm currently in love with these Drop Dead dungarees. Also please be nice I need to work on my 'poses' and my face for these posts haha. The title comes from this song by Bring Me The Horizon. 
I feel like this outfit is one of the more subtle 'goth' outfits I own. Apparently I look like a 'Satanic Toddler' in it, I wasn't sure if this was meant to be a compliment but I took it that way. When the dungarees first arrived I was a bit worried they'd be too small and I'd look horrible but they fit just right and after some reassurance I felt like I could get away with wearing them. I always doubt my outfits when I first put them on. I've worn them so often since getting them a couple of weeks ago and I can't wait to wear them all weekend at Download Festival with my Docs! I'm not going to lie but the outfit does make me feel super duper adorable and mischievous. I've just noticed how moody I look in these photos, that's not intentional it could just be my inner goth haha. I hope I look as cute as I feel in this outfit or else I'll just look like a bit of a dick haha. It's  been my go to outfit for nights out but I'm sure come summer it'll be a favourite for day time too. 
^moody goth face n that innit.
Dungarees, I have been in love with these Drop Dead dungarees since the summer and I finally own them and they are everything I had hoped they'd be. You guys know how much I love Drop Dead so it was no doubt I'd up with these to be honest. 
Bodysuit, I bought this body over the summer on an impulse and I actually love it, I wear it more than I thought I would, sadly it's last years Misselfridge but you can get a similar one here.
Tights, these are definitely my favourite things right now, Asos you are the best for selling these, I want to live in them. 
Shoes, now I've never been a massive fan of the flatform but I love these. Sadly last years H&M but you can get some very similar on Ebay.
Choker, from Pretty Twisted
Lipstick, sadly I can't find this online as it's a Ted Baker one from a Christmas gift set. 

What do you think of my outfit? Are you a fan of Drop Dead Clothing?
K. x
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