Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sunday Summary #2.

Cuddles with Oli when I popped home for a few days, I'm now an Asos insider!, New Lime Crime lipstick, New shoes<3, Selfie because I'm super vain n that.

This week I think I've done well at trying to blog often I've done at least two posts this week and re-designed the blog so it's not all bad! What do you think of the new blog by the way? So this week brought with it a trip home, I've missed my grandparents and my cat so that was a nice couple of days. It's also brought deadline stress, I have to finish a piece of work by Friday and all motivation I had for it has gone. I've been feeling fairly down this week but I'm starting to cheer up thank the lord, my day was made on Thursday when I got an email from Asos saying I'd been accepted into #accessallasos! That got me pretty excited, I'm now anxiously waiting for the post man! I also finally went and got myself a Lime Crime Velvetine I also went and got myself those beautiful shoes from Asos, I hated the cut out shoe look until I saw these beauties! I'm actually in love, keep your eyes peeled though I have several outfit posts coming featuring them! Really this week has been filled with the gym, doing work and sleeping nothing to exciting haha. Hopefully next week will be different since Samantha's staying!

How's your week been? Have you done much? What do you think of my new design? 
K. x
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  1. Loving the new name! Welcome back to blogging! Congratulations on being accepted into the #accessallasos too! x