Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sunday Summary

Dinner with Jonathan at Pixies Diner, Off out in my new Drop Dead dungarees, There's nothing better than a book in the bath. 
This week I have abandoned the blog once again, I'm so rubbish at this! Thing is I haven't even been that busy just exhausted, this weeks been pretty chilled out. I've hit the gym pretty hard this week I'm starting to see improvements and I feel so much better about myself! I've also cut out take aways although I might have slipped up yesterday and had a few sneaky slices of pizza. I'm feel so much better about myself and it's great. On top of this I've been doing quite a bit of research for my final year project which is just super exciting, if anyone's interested I'm researching the effects decomposition has on soil! I'm super excited. This week has brought a couple of spontaneous nights out with my favourites, meaning I've got to wear my beautiful new Drop Dead dungarees I can't wait to share an outfit post featuring it with you all. It also brought a treat lunch (technically this was last week but I don't care) at Pixies Diner which is amazing, if you live in Middlesbrough or nearby I'd stop by it's so good. I've also spent the week reading a lot, I'm almost finished the Mortal Instruments series, I haven't been able to put them down aside from when I started my HP LoveCraft book.
I've been dying for a new tattoo this week too, I may or may not have gotten a cheeky small one and a couple of new piercings but I'm currently debating that. This week I decided my new favourite tv shows are The Undateables and What Happens In Sunny Beach, Channel 4 never fails to amuse me. Really this week has been fairly boring hopefully once deadlines are over life will be a little more intersting haha.

How's your week been? What have you enjoyed this week?
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    1. Haha, just for you I'll try and get some outfit photos this week! X