Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wednesday Wishlist #1


Thank god it's Wednesday! This week has been so long and stressful and were only three days in, I have so much work to do and going to the gym almost every night is killing me but my stomach is going to be fabulous soon. How's your Wednesday going? Anyway, this wishlist is just, it's everything I need and want in my life right now. I mean who doesn't want socks and earrings with pentagrams on them? The my little pony top as well, oh my god it's so cute but mean at the same time, I feel like I need it. The Asos shoes, I've been a firm hater of the cut out shoes for months because who wants to see peoples feet? Not me, but these with the chunky heel and the buckles, I fell in love and I hate myself for that. Like I'm not even kidding I actually hate these shoes but love them too and I don't even know if I'd pull them off but I feel like I need them in my life haha. The Ark tartan dress, I've seen it everywhere and it just makes me want it more, it's so cute and looks as if it would be super comfy too, to be honest though I think I just love tartan. The Love Hearts dress looks super adorable but if you look closely it says things such as 'fuck you' cute ey? I think it would fit in perfectly in my wardrobe. Finally we have beauty products, I'm always looking for new eye-liners and lipsticks. I recently got a Ted Baker one for Christmas and I love it so I've  been searching for a cheaper alternative I think this could be the one, as for lipstick. We all know how much I love lipstick, I may or may not have purchased the Velvetine I've wanted one since this time last year so I think I deserve to buy it now haha.

How is your Wednesday going? What's on your wishlist this week?
K. x


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  2. Seriously recommend that tartan dress, so comfy and cute :D xxx