Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Another Sunday Summary On A Tuesday #4

Tea at Scones at The Olde Young Tea House, Off for a day of Culture in Middlesbrough, Cream Egg Brownies. 

So I'm doing yet another Sunday Summary on a Tuesday. Naughty! I'm so bad at posting regularly I'm sorry guys, this weeks group project week so I kind of have a good reason! This week we have been digging up bones and analysing them in labs though so it's a fairly good reason to be behind! So what did last week bring? Many surprises! Monday and Tuesday were fairly chilled days with nothing much to do but relax and be glad there was no work to be done bar research, I feel like all I do at Uni is research! Wednesday brought a bit of upset for the entire house so after a trip with Abbey to see Zac Efron's new movie we decided to have some drinks, some pizza and a good sing a long to High School Musical. To be honest Tuesday night was one of the best nights in I've had for ages!  Thursdays brought with a spontaneous night out to Creeps which was fairly unreal, I mean movie soundtrack night where they played the entire Pulp Fiction soundtrack who doesn't want that? Accompanied by fairly beautiful men what more do you need on a Thursday night? Friday I was in a Lab 9-4 which included testing semen samples from underwear and condoms which was fairly gross especially slightly hung over! Saturday it was decided that Shona, Abbey and I would take a trip to the MIMA and to The Olde Young Teahouse in Middlesbrough. I have a post to come on this, the teahouse is excellent, the MIMA was a little bit of a let down, quite empty to be fair. Sunday was spent baking cookies and brownies with Abbey and then relaxing with a good book before the most hectic week of the year began, group week. (I swear I'm on the verge of suicide with it already!)

How was your week? Did you visit any museums this weekend?
K. x

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