Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My Birthday Wishlist 2014!

So my birthday is in two weeks and I am the grand old age of 20! Goodbye teenage years! I'm fairly depressed about this I'm not even joking, I know loads of people will be like 'wot it's only twenty you're not old' but frick me man I feel like I was just 15 two weeks ago! I don't feel mature enough to be 20, I'm having a Harry Potter party for goodness sakes, and look at the ideal gifts I'd love clearly I'm not mentally mature enough to be 20 yet! It's mad to think that in about 10 years time I'll probably have my own home and have a child like the frick?! I don't like how quick my life seems to be going!
Anyway before I start having another break down over not being an adult anymore I'll share with you all what I'd love to receive. This year I've asked everyone for money so I can either get tattooed or get some new Dr Martens because you know a girl can't have too many pairs. I have asked my housemates for a Triwizard Cup which will be my chalice for the night haha. (See totally not mentally ready to be 20!)
Birthday wishlist

So I don't really want much do I? Haha, I know I'm not getting gifts this year and if I was I'd never expect everything off here! But you do see what I mean about not being ready for 20! I want TMNT pjs like a 6 year old boy, wait will 6 year olds even know about TMNT like is it still on tv? Vinyl figure Ewok's, Lord Of The Rings Monopoly & a Triwizard cup, what am I? A 13 year old geek? That's exactly what I am on the inside, but seriously who doesn't want to own Mirkwood and Mordor? How cute is that ewok and who doesn't want to use a Triwizard cup as their chalice for a night?! Seriously though I don't think I should be turning 20. Of course I want some beauty products too, I've been dying to try Cinnamon Buns for a year now but I just can't pay £14 for bubble bath </3. I love the Antlers from The Antler room, how cute is the pastel board? I think they'd be a lovely addition to my bed room. Finally a couple of things I need, a pair of new Dr Martens, how beautiful are these spotty ones?! I normally go for black but oh these red ones are just beautiful! I'm also in love with that Drop Dead weekend bag, I'm in desperate need for a new weekend bag and this one is perfect. (If anyone wants to surprise gift me go Drop Dead or Dr Martens I'd love you forever  ;) )
So as you can see I've rambled for an entire post about absolutely nothing because I am in no way mentally prepared to turn 20. (20! I'm going to be flipping 20! I'm old!) *Sobs* 

How did/do you feel about turning 20? Do you think I'm mentally prepared to be an adult? Haha. 
K. x
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*Apologises to anyone who's over 20 and I offended by calling them old, you're not old unless you're like 50 then you're old so sorry you're fabulous really!*

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